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Term-1 Sample Papers Vs Online Mock Tests

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Students are running behind sample question papers. They just want to download all available model question papers from the internet. They even not bothered to understand what are Online Mock Tests. But is it really helpful? Let’s explore.

What are Sample Question Papers?

Model papers or sample question papers are replicas of the actual question paper format. These are exactly the same as the real paper. So, the student wants to get them all without knowing their relevance. We are not saying that model question papers are not relevant but if you analyse the pattern of CBSE team-1 exams, you will find that we have much better options.

Why do Students love Sample Papers?

Just because they have seen all around them focusing on sample papers only. Actually, there is no other solid reason. They are taught to fall in love with sample papers. Their teachers, parents and even friends and relatives, all have been using CBSE model question papers for their board exam preparation. So, this is the only thing that they can suggest to others.

Term-1 Exam in Different

Yes, CBSE first term exam is totally different. So, the preparation of exams must be accordingly. See, all questions are MCQs. So, what is the use of downloading Model question papers and then taking printouts of these papers and then attempting the questions and finally matching the answers?

Dear, we need to update the way we prepare for such exams. When the pattern has been changed why don’t you change the way you prepare for it.

Ask your elders how they prepared for JEE main or SSC or Bank PO or CAT or similar exams. These all are MCQ-based exams.

Exactly. They practice MOCK TESTS. The same is applicable for you too. If the exam is in MCQ format only why don’t you prepare using online mock tests?

Why you should use Online Mock Tests?

Let’s compare Sample Papers and Online Mock Tests to understand why Mock Exams are the best for CBSE Term-1 exams.

Sample PapersOnline Mock Tests
Download PDF and take printouts.No downloading and no printing required.
Buy sample paper books from the market.Can do it online. No books are required.
Attempt the paper by marking options by pen or pencil.Just select the correct option on the screen.
Once done, match answers one by one.It is done automatically with detailed analysis
Time-taking process.Instant results in no time.

Both Online Mock Tests and sample papers follow the same format. Practice through sample papers is time taking process but in the case of the Online Mock Tests, it is done automatically and it saves a lot of time. it matters a lot when you are preparing for exams with a given time frame. We know that every minute counts.

Where to get Online Mock tests?

CBSE class 10 and class 12 Online Mock Exams are available in myCBSEguide app and website. We have covered most ot the subjects. You can get Mock Exams for Hindi, History, Geography and Physical Education too. The common subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Applied Maths are already available with us.

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Sample papers are good for subjective exams but when the whole exam is based on MCQs only, you must go for online mock tests only. This is not only a time and money saver but also provides instant result analysis with deep insight.

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