Straight Lines class 11 Notes Mathematics

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Straight Lines class 11 Notes Mathematics

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CBSE Class 11 Mathematics Revision Notes Chapter-10 Straight Lines

  1. Slope of a Line
  2. Various Forms of the Equation of a Line
  3. General Equation of a Line and Distance of a Point From a Line

First Degree Equation

Every first degree equation like  would be the equation of a straight line.

Slope of a line

  • Slope (m) of a non-vertical line passing through the points  and  is given by is given by    .
  • If a line makes an angle á with the positive direction of x-axis, then the slope of the line is given by
  • Slope of horizontal line is zero and slope of vertical line is undefined.
  • An acute angle (say θ) between lines  with slopes  is given by ,
  • Two lines are parallel if and only if their slopes are equal i.e.,
  • Two lines are perpendicular if and only if product of their slopes is –1, i.e.,
  • Three points A, B and C are collinear, if and only if slope of AB = slope of BC.
  • Equation of the horizontal line having distance a from the x-axis is eithery = a  or y = – a.
  • Equation of the vertical line having distance  b from the  y-axis is eitherx = b or x = – b.
  • The point (x, y) lies on the line with slope m and through the fixed point  if and only if its coordinates satisfy the equation.

Various forms of equations of a line:

  • Two points form: Equation of the line passing through the points  and ( is given by
  • Slope-Intercept form: The point (x, y) on the line with slope m and y-intercept c lies on the line if and only  if  .
  • If a line with slope m makes  x-intercept  d. Then equation of the line  is .
  • Intercept form: Equation of a line making intercepts  a and  b on the  x-and  y-axis, respectively, is  .
  • Normal form: The equation of the line having normal distance from origin p and angle between normal and the positive  is given by
  • General Equation of a Line: Any equation of the form Ax + By + C = 0, with A and B are not zero, simultaneously, is called the general linear equation or general equation of a line.
  • Working Rule for reducing general form into the normal form:

(i)     Shift constant ‘C’ to the R.H.S. and get

(ii)    If the R.H.S. is not positive, then make it positive by multiplying the whole equation by -1.

(iii)   Divide both sides of equation by .

The equation so obtained is in the normal form.

  • Parametric Equation (Symmetric Form):
  • Equation of a line through origin:  or .
  • The perpendicular distance (d) of a line Ax + By+ C = 0 from a point  is given  by
  • Distance between the parallel lines = 0 and = 0, is given by 


Three of more straight lines are said to be concurrent if they pass through a common point i.e., they meet at a point. Thus, if three lines are concurrent the point of intersection of two lines lies on the third line.

Condition of concurrency of three lines:

Straight Lines class 11 Notes Mathematics


where  is a constant and also called parameter.

This equation is of first degree of  and , therefore, it represents a family of lines.


Working Rule to find the distance between two parallel lines:

(i)  Find the co-ordinates of any point on one of ht egiven line, preferably by putting  and .

(ii) The perpendicular distance of this point from the other line is the required distance between the lines.

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