Statistics class 11 Notes Mathematics

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CBSE Guide Statistics class 11 Notes

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Statistics class 11 Notes Mathematics

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CBSE Class 11 Mathematics
Revision Notes
Statistics class 11 Notes Mathematics

  1. Mean: 
  2. Median: If the number of observations  is odd, then median is observation and if the number of observations  is even, then median is the mean of  and  observations.
  3. Measures of Dispersion, Range  and Mean Deviation
  4. Variance and Standard Deviation
  5. Analysis of Frequency Distributions
  • Measures of dispersion Range, Quartile deviation, mean deviation, variance, standard deviation are measures of dispersion.
  • Range = Maximum Value – Minimum Value
  • Mean deviation for ungrouped data
  • Mean Deviation from Median for ungrouped data
  • Mean deviation for grouped data
  • Mean Deviation from Median for grouped data
     where N  =
  • Variance and standard deviation for ungrouped data
    Standard deviation: 
  • Variance and standard deviation of a discrete frequency distribution
    Standard deviation: 
  • Variance and standard deviation of a continuous frequency distribution

(i)    If  = 1, 2, 3, ……….,  is a continuous frequency distribution of a variate X,


(ii)   If  be the  given observations with respective frequencies

, then    , where N =

(iii)  If  where A is assumed mean, then

(iv)  If  where  is the common difference of values of  then

  • Analysis of frequency distribution with equal means but different variances: If the S.D. of group A < the S.D. of group B, then group A is considered more consistent or uniform.
  • Ananlysis of frequency distribution with unequal means: In this case we compare the coefficient of variation [Coefficient of variation (C.V. =  The series having greater coefficient of variation is said to be more variable than the other.
  • Variance of the combined two series:
    where  and  are the sizes of two groups,  and  are the S.D. of two groups, ,  and

Statistics class 11 Notes

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