How to Create Worksheets using Test Generator?

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Worksheets and Homework Assignment sheets are different from normal question papers. We don’t have maximum marks, the time allowed and general instructions in worksheets however these are an essential part of an ideal question paper. Let’s understand how to create worksheets, homework assignments and chapter tests using myCBSEguide Test Generator.

Step-1 Open myCBSEguide Test Generator

The online question paper creator by myCBSEguide has more than 3 Lakh questions to choose from. Just open myCBSEguide Test Generator and login to your account. On the home page, click the START button to create the worksheet.

Step-2 Select Worksheets (PDF) Option

On the next page, you will find three options. These are Question Paper (PDF), Online Tests and Worksheet (PDF). Choose the third option i.e. Worksheet (PDF). As soon as you select this option, the remaining fields will reset for your and it will enable to create worksheet without any hustle and bustle.

Step-3 Select questions using Blueprint

Now it’s time to create your worksheet. Select Express Mode to choose questions for our database. If you want to do any specific customization you can also select manual mode but it is a bit slower as compared to the Express Mode. Just put the number of questions you wish to add and proceed to the next step.

Step-4 Review questions and Create Worksheet

Your worksheet is almost ready with recommended questions. Here, you can replace or edit questions as per your requirement and hit the Create PDF button at the end. You will be redirected to your question papers section where all the question papers, worksheets and online tests are placed.

How much time does it take?

It takes less than a minute. Yes !! less than a minute. You can create worksheets and assignments without typing a single word in less than a minute with your own Name and Logo. Here is a video that will guide you through the whole process.

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