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Creating a question paper with solution is time taking process. Teachers have to spend hours to select suitable questions and type them. But now the same can be done in minutes with myCBSEguide Test Generator. Here are some tutorials on how to generate question papers online using myCBSEguide Test Generator.

How to Register

The first step is to register your email ID and phone number. Here are the steps to register/login to myCBSEguide.

  1. Open
  2. Click Try it now (free) or Start link on the top.
  3. If you have a Gmail Id, click login with google or use login with email or facebook. First-time users using login with email may be asked to register first.
  4. After login, verify your mobile number with OTP and the registration process is complete now.

How to add Name and Logo

In this step, you will be asked to add your Name and Logo (Header and Footer) to the question paper. This is a one-time process. We will use this setting in all the question papers. You can add up to three headers and use them as per your requirement.

  1. First of all, we will ask you to add your School/Coaching Logo. This is an optional field, so if you don’t want to add a logo, you can leave it blank.
  2. Then add School/coaching name, address and footer text.
  3. Don’t forget to give a name to your setting so that you can use it in future too.

How to Create Question Paper

Now you are ready to create your question paper. Just click Start or Try it now (free) on the top. This is a three-step process.

  1. Step-1 is to select paper type and add basic details.
  2. Step-2 is to prepare question paper blueprint.
  3. Step-3 is to finalise your question paper and print it.

Step-1 Add basic details

First of all, you have to select the question paper type. All fields in this form are elaborated below:

  • Offline (PDF): Use this if you want to create question paper in PDF format to print and share with your students. All pen-paper based physical test such as half-yearly exams, unit tests, class tests, periodical tests and annual exams fall in this category.
  • Online (Quiz): Select online (quiz) if you want to take an online MCQ test and share the quiz link with your students. In this case, students will take the MCQ test in their mobile/laptop and you will get the result in your dashboard.
  • Add Header & Footer: This is same that you have already created earlier. Here, you need to select the desired header from the dropdown. If you want to edit it click edit header link given there.
  • Test Paper Name: Test paper name is the title of the question paper. It will be printed in your question paper below class and subject. Some test paper name examples are Unit Test – 1, Weekly Test, Half Yearly Exam, Chapter-Test (Real Numbers) etc.
  • Select class and Subject: Click the select button and choose your desired class & subject and click OK. For example, CBSE — class 10 — Mathematics. You can select only one subject at a time.
  • Time Allowed (minutes): Please write time in minutes only. For 3 hours question paper, you should write 180. This field accepts only numbers so you can’t write 180M or 180 Min. Simply write 180.
  • Quiz start time & Quiz end time: If you have selected paper type as an online quiz, you will get these two additional fields. Quiz start time is the time when your quiz will be available for your students to attempt. You can select any future date too. The quiz end time is the time when the quiz will expire and no one will be allowed to access the quiz. It means if the quiz starts on 11th October at 10 am and ends on 14th October at 6 pm, the student will be able to access it within this period only. If you have selected quiz duration for 30 minutes, an individual student can attempt the quiz in 30 minutes anytime within start time and end time. The students can access the result only after the quiz end time but you can check the result instantly.
  • General Instructions: You can write general instructions too. It will be printed in the question paper. So, write it carefully. If you have already written general instructions somewhere and want to copy it here, you can do so. But we advise you to paste it in a text file such as notepad and then copy and paste here. This will remove unnecessary styling. Writing general instruction is optional. You can leave it blank too.
  • Save and Continue: once the form is filled properly, you can save and continue to next step after clicking the terms checkbox.

Step-2 Add Question Blueprint

This screen allows you to create question paper blueprint. We suggest you prepare a rough draft of blueprint in a paper before filling this form. This will help you to arrange questions in proper order. For example, you can put all one mark questions from all the chapters in section-A and so on. Here are the following options to use:

  1. Add Questions: To add MCQs, Matching, Assertion & Reason and other subjective questions, you should use this option. Using this option, you can only add questions from one chapter at once. Select add questions, select your question type, chapter, weightage and difficulty level (optional). Put the required questions in this combination and click ok. To add more questions from the same chapter or any other chapter, repeat the process.
  2. Add Group Question: If you wish to add questions from different chapters within one main question, you should use this option. We have given some sample labels. You can use them, edit them or create your own group question label. Here are some use-cases of the group questions:
    A. To add questions within common label. For example, Attempt any four out of the following questions. in this case, you are providing more than four questions from different chapters and giving student option to attempt any four.
    B. Fill in the blanks. Fill up questions may be from different chapters a part of a common heading such as Fill in the blanks with suitable words. Even if you wish to add fill-ups from one chapter, you must use the group question option to add fill-ups.
    C. True-False questions. Same as fill up questions, the true and false questions may be from different chapters. These can not be added using simple add questions option. So, All true and false type questions must be inserted using Group Question option.
    D. Assertion and Reason questions. Such questions are expected to be inserted via Group Question option only.
    E. Questions with two or more sub-parts. For example, write an article in 100 words in any one of the following topics, निम्नलिखित में से किन्ही चार मुहावरों का अर्थ लिखिये, निम्नलिखित में से किसी एक विषय पर १०० शब्दों में निबंध लिखिये etc. All such questions can be added using the group question option.
  3. Add internal Choice: Internal choice in a question means you are adding an additional question and giving student option to attempt any one of them. We use OR to denote such questions. This option is visible only if you have selected one question using the add question button.
  4. Add section: You can add sections to your question paper using this button. For example, you can put all one mark questions in the Section-A and so on or you can put all objective questions in one section.
  5. Save & continue to step-3: once the blueprint is added and you have carefully checked that no field is left blank, you can move to the next step. In a question paper, you can not add more than 50 questions.

Step-3 Preview and Generate paper

Here, we show you questions based on the blueprint created by you. With each question, you get the following four options:

  1. Replace question: If you find that the question shown to you is not up to the mark, have some error, similar to other question in the same paper or you want different question, you can use replace question option. Here, you will get upto 10 option to replace the given question. You can choose any of them.
  2. Replace with my question: If you don’t find any suitable question to replace with, you can choose the option, replace with my question. Here, you can choose from the list of questions added by you or you can add your own question instantly.
  3. Edit: You should use this option if you wish to make a minor change in the given question and use it.
  4. Edit Marks: This link can be used to edit marks given alongside each question.

After checking and editing questions thoroughly, you can click generate PDF or Create Quiz. That’s all, your question paper is ready to print or share with your students.

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