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CBSE Class 12 Rechecking Form 2019

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CBSE class 12 and class 10 result is declared on 2nd of May 2019. The process of verification of marks, obtaining a photocopy of the evaluated answer sheet, and re-evaluation is also started.

The whole rechecking process involves 3 steps:

Verification of MarksPhotocopy of Answer sheetRe-evaluation

CBSE Rechecking Form 2019


Here is the complete process:

  1. Requests for all the processes will be accepted only Online and during the specified schedules alongwith processing charges.
  2. The processing charges can only be deposited online (Credit/Debit Card/Net banking). Processing charges shall not be accepted offline i.e Postal Order/DD/Money order/ cheque/Cash etc.
  3. Incomplete/offline applications will be summarily rejected without any correspondence with the candidate.
  4. For all the three steps, candidates have to make a separate application and pay the processing charges separately. Only one application for each stepper candidate will be accepted in the online process. Candidate must decide in advance whether he/she has to apply for one subject or multiple subjects.
  5. Board will not be responsible for any loss or damage or any inconvenience caused to the candidate, consequent to the revision of mark(s) or delay in communication, for reasons beyond control.
  6. In cases where there is a change in marks (increase or decrease), such candidates shall have to surrender the marksheet which is in their possession. Thereafter, they shall be issued a new Marksheet.
  7. Processing charges are non-refundable.

Verification of Marks

  1. Schedule is given in Annexure-A. Processing charges is Rs.500/- per subject.
  2. The result of verification of marks will be communicated in the following manner: –
    1. The result of verification of marks will be uploaded on CBSE’s website in a candidate’s login account.
    2. In case of a change in marks, a letter will also be sent to the applicant by Speed Post by concerned Regional Office of CBSE.
    3. In case, where there is no change of marks, no letter will be sent by CBSE, however, the information will be uploaded on the website as mentioned in S.No 1 above. Applicants are advised to visit CBSE’s website for the status of verification request.
  3. Only those candidates who will apply for verification of Marks Online will be eligible to apply for obtaining a photocopy of answer book(s) in that/those subject(s).

Photocopy of Answer sheet

  1. Only those candidates who have applied for verification of Marks Online in manner as prescribed above will be eligible to apply for obtaining photocopy of the evaluated answer book(s).
  2. Schedule is given in Annexure-A. Processing charges is Rs.700/- per subject.
  3. Application submitted on behalf of the candidate and also the incomplete application will be summarily rejected and processing charges deposited shall be forfeited without any further reference.
  4. Photocopy of the evaluated answer book will be provided in the candidate’s login account after blocking all information relating to the identity of the Examiner/ Evaluator/ any other official associated with the examination process etc.
  5. If the candidate desires to challenge the marks awarded to any question, then he/she shall have to apply online, as per the schedule for re-evaluation of marks.

Re-evaluation Process

  1. Only those candidates who have applied for obtaining the photocopy of the evaluated answer book shall be eligible to apply for re-evaluation or challenge the marks awarded to any question(s).
  2. Request for re-evaluation/challenges shall be accepted only for theory portion @ Rs.100/- per question as processing charges.
  3. The applicant will have to refer to the marking scheme in the subject concerned which would be available on the website alongwith the question paper. Thereafter, candidates can submit application for re-valuation in the required question(s) with reasoning.
  4. Status of revaluation shall be uploaded on the website followed by a formal letter by speed post.
  5. Decrease even by one mark shall be effected.
  6. No appeal or review against the re-evaluation would be entertained.


Verification of Marks4th May, 2019 (Saturday) to 8th May, 2019(Wednesday) upto 5.00 PMRs.500/- per subject
Obtaining a photocopy of evaluated answer book(s)20th May, 2019 (Monday) to 21st May, 2019 (Tuesday) upto 5.00 PMRs.700/- per answer book
Re-evaluation24th May, 2019 (Friday) to 25th May, 2019 (Saturday) upto 5.00 PMRs.100/- per question
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  1. Do I have to give compartment exam for the subject I failed in improvement exam? Though I have passed this subject in the main exam. Please reply soon

  2. Agar maine marks verification k liye apply nhi kiya hai to kya mai copy print k liye apply kr sakta hu??
    It is important because mai sure hu ki meri copy galat check hui hai.

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