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Ch 01 The Fish Tale

NCERT Solutions The Fish Tale CBSE Class-05 Mathematics. At what price per kg did Fazila sell the kingfish? (2) Floramma has sold 10kg prawns today. How much money did she get for that? (3) Gracy sold 6 kg sword fish. Mini has earned as much money as Gracy. How many kg of sardines did Mini sell?

Ch 02 Shapes and Angles

NCERT Solutions Shapes and Angles CBSE Class-05 Mathematics. Four different angles are marked in four colours. Can you find other angles which are the same as the one marked in red? Mark them in red. Do this for the other colours. Sukhman made this picture with so many angles.

Ch 03 How Many Square

NCERT Solutions How Many Square CBSE Class-05 Mathematics. Ziri tried to make some other tiles. She started with a square of 2 cm side and made shapes like these. Look at these carefully and find out: Which of these shapes will tile a floor (without any gaps)? Discuss. What is the area of these shapes?

Ch 04 Parts and Wholes

NCERT Solutions Parts and Wholes CBSE Class-05 Mathematics. Chocolate bar Manju had a chocolate. She gave one-fourth of it to Raji, one-third to Sugatha and one-sixth to Sheela. She ate the remaining part. How many pieces of chocolate did each get? Write here.

Ch 05 Does it Look the Same

NCERT Solutions Does it Look the Same CBSE Class-05 Mathematics. Find out which letters in the English alphabet looks the same after a turn. Which of these English words reads the same on half a turn? ZOOM, MOW, SWIMS, SIS, NOON.

Ch 06 Be My Multiply

NCERT Solutions Be My Multiply CBSE Class-05 Mathematics. The hungry cat is trying to catch Kunjan the mouse. Kunjan is now on the 14th step and it can jump 2 steps at a time. The cat is on the third step. She can jump 3 steps at a time. If the mouse reaches 28 it can hide in the hole.

Ch 07 Can You See The Pattern

NCERT Solutions Can You See The Pattern CBSE Class-05 Mathematics. Take any number. Now multiply it by 2, 3, …… at every step. Also add 3 to it at each step. Look at the difference in the answer. Is it the same at every step?

Ch 08 Mapping Your Way

NCERT Solutions Mapping Your Way CBSE Class-05 Mathematics. Match the map and the photo (1) Have you seen a map of a city? Look at Map 1. Match it with the photo and find out where India Gate is. Draw it on the map. (2) Some roads are shown in this part of the map. Look for them in the photo.

Ch 09 Boxes and Sketches

NCERT Solutions Boxes and Sketches CBSE Class-05 Mathematics. She made four more shapes. Each is to be folded along the dotted lines. You have to find out which of these can be made into a box. Try to make a floor map of your own house.

Ch 10 Tenths and Hundredths

NCERT Solutions Tenths and Hundredths CBSE Class-05 Mathematics. At the market (a) How many paise does a matchbox cost? (b) How many match-box can be got for Rs. 2.50? (c) How many rupees does the soap cost? Write in rupees what money he will get back?

Ch 11 Area and Its Boundary

NCERT Solutions Area and Its Boundary CBSE Class-05 Mathematics. Arbaz plans to tile his kitchen floor with green square tiles. Each side of the tile is 10 cm. His kitchen is 220 cm in length and 180 cm wide. How many tiles will he need?

Ch 12 Smart Charts

NCERT Solutions Smart Charts CBSE Class-05 Mathematics. Yamini did a project ‘Animals and Birds’. She asked each child of her class about one favourite pet animal. She used tally marks to record each answer. For example if someone said cat she put one line in front of cats.

Ch 13 Ways of Multiply and Divide

NCERT Solutions Ways of Multiply and Divide CBSE Class-05 Mathematics. Shantaram is a special cook who comes only on party days. Last year he was called for only 28 days. For each day he has to be paid Rs. 165. Find out how much money he will get in all?

Ch 14 How Big How Heavy

NCERT Solutions How Big How Heavy CBSE Class-05 Mathematics. A stage platform is made with 5 Math-Magic books. The volume of this stage is the same as ______ cm cubes. Guess the volume of these things in cm cubes. A matchbox is about ___ cm cubes.

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