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Ch 01 Going to School

NCERT Solutions Going to School CBSE Class-04 Environmental Studies. Make a small bridge by trying together 4 or 5 bamboo poles. Ask your teacher to help you. Now wlk on your bridge. How did your feeil? Did you fall down? If you walk like this a few times, you will start finding it easy.

Ch 02 Ear to Ear

NCERT Solutions Ear to Ear CBSE Class-04 Environmental Studies. The artist has mixed up the ears of the animals. Join the correct ears with the animals. Match them correctly in the table. Different animals have different kinds of ears. Among the animals given below, which ones have ears that you can see?

Ch 03 A Day with Nandu

NCERT Solutions A Day with Nandu CBSE Class-04 Environmental Studies. What is your weight? Nandu is only three months old, but he weighs 200kilograms. The weight of how many children like you will add up to Nandu’s weight? If you were Nandu, and you lived in a herd, what kinds of things would you do?

Ch 04 The Story of Amrita

NCERT Solutions The Story of Amrita CBSE Class-04 Environmental Studies. Is there a place near your house, school or along the road side where trees have been planted? Were these trees planted by anyone, or did they grow by themselves?

Ch 05 Anit and Honeybees

NCERT Solutions Anit and Honeybees CBSE Class-04 Environmental Studies. Find out how much money do you spend in one year for different school related things. What kind of a school uniform would like to wear? Draw a picture in your notebook.

Ch 06 Omanas Journey

NCERT Solutions Omanas Journey CBSE Class-04 Environmental Studies. Why was it so crowded at the door of the coach? Have you ever travelled in a train? When? What food would you like to take with you when you travel? What does the ticket checker do?

Ch 07 From the Window

NCERT Solutions From the Window CBSE Class-04 Environmental Studies. What was the differences in the scenery that Omana saw from the train on the first day and on the second day? Why was there smoke and noise from the vehicles at the level crossing?

Ch 08 Reaching Grandmothers House

NCERT Solutions Reaching Grandmother's House CBSE Class-04 Environmental Studies. Omana travelled by many different vehicles after she got down from the train. Can you remember what these were? On which vehicles have you travelled on? Which ride did you enjoy the most?

Ch 09 Changing Families

NCERT Solutions Changing Families CBSE Class-04 Environmental Studies. Who were the members of Nimmi’s family before the arrival of her baby sister? How many members are there in nimmi’s family now? How will Nimmi spend her day now?

Ch 10 Hu tu tu hu tu tu

NCERT Solutions Hu tu tu hu tu tu CBSE Class-04 Environmental Studies. When you play Kabaddi, how many players are there in a team? When Shyamala touched the middle line, how many players got out? How do you solve your arguments or fights while playing?

Ch 11 The Valley of Flower

NCERT Solutions The Valley of Flower CBSE Class-04 Environmental Studies. Have you ever seen so many flowers grow together any where? Write their colours. Have are same pictures of flowers. Mark a 3 on the flowers which you recognise. Write their names also if you know.

Ch 12 Changing Times

NCERT Solutions Changing Times CBSE Class-04 Environmental Studies. Talk to any of your grandparents or other elderly people. Find out, when she or he was 8-9 years old: (i) Where did she or he live? (ii) From what materials was her or his house made?

Ch 13 A Rivers Tale

NCERT Solutions A River's Tale CBSE Class-04 Environmental Studies. Look carefully at the picture of the river. Read the words given below. Use these words to make a story. Give a title to your story also. Look at the picture again and answer the following questions: What is the colour of the river where it begins?

Ch 14 Basavas Farms

NCERT Solutions Basava's Farms CBSE Class-04 Environmental Studies. In Basva’s area an implement called Khunti is used to loosen the soil. What is the kind of implement called in your area? Find out? Ask a farmer or some elders in your family and find out what are the kinds of crops grows in your area?

Ch 15 From Market to Home

NCERT Solutions From Market to Home CBSE Class-04 Environmental Studies. Does anyone in your house have to get up very early? What time do they get up? What time do they get up? Why do they need to get up so early?

Ch 16 A Busy Month

NCERT Solutions A Busy Month CBSE Class-04 Environmental Studies. How many years ago did Gijubhai write this letter? This letter talks about many different birds. How many of these birds have your seen? How many other birds have your seen?

Ch 17 Nandita in Mumbai

NCERT Solutions Nandita in Mumbai CBSE Class-04 Environmental Studies. Why did Nandita have to bring her mother from the village to Mumbai for treatment? Nandita used to feel like vomiting when at first she had to use the toilet where Mamalived. Why?

Ch 18 Too Much Water Too Little Water

NCERT Solutions Too Much Water Too Little Water CBSE Class-04 Environmental Studies. How can dirty water harm our body? Have you ever got dirty water in your area? What was the reason for this? Has anyone you know fallen sick because of dirty water? Talk about this.

Ch 19 Abdul in the Garden

NCERT Solutions Abdul in the Garden CBSE Class-04 Environmental Studies. The stick which was stuck in the ground fell very easily. It was difficult to pull out a small grass. Why? Do all plants have roots? Why do you think the Neem tree did not fall despite the strong wind?

Ch 20 Eating Together

NCERT Solutions Eating Together CBSE Class-04 Environmental Studies. Do you like to eat together with others? On what occasion do you eat together? Have you ever had a party in your class? When? What did you all do? What did you and your classmates bring to the party?

Ch 21 Food and Fun

NCERT Solutions Food and Fun CBSE Class-04 Environmental Studies. Do you study in boarding school? If you do not, try to talk (i) Do you study in boarding school? (ii) What kind of food do they get there? (iii) Where do the children sit and eat? (v) Who washes the vessels?

Ch 22 The World in My House

NCERT Solutions The World in My House CBSE Class-04 Environmental Studies. In your home too do people quarrel over fans, TV, newspapers, chairs or anything else? In your home who settles such quarrels? Talk about an interesting incident at home when there was a quarrel.

Ch 23 Pochampalli

NCERT Solutions Pochampalli CBSE Class-04 Environmental Studies. When they grow big do you think they will be able to teach their children the skills for this craft? Have you ever seen anybody weave something on a loom? What was being woven and where?

Ch 24 Home and Abroad

NCERT Solutions Home and Abroad CBSE Class-04 Environmental Studies. Why do you think many trees cannot grow in desert areas? Do you have any relatives who live in another country? How long they lived there? Did they go there for studies or for work?

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