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Where to Look From

NCERT Solutions Where to Look From CBSE Class-03 Mathematics. Dheeraj said he had looked at the car from the terrace. Do you think his funny drawing is right? Have you looked at things from different sides? Do they look the same or different?

Fun with Numbers

NCERT Solutions Fun with Numbers CBSE Class-03 Mathematics. How many runs do these players need to complete a century? Fill in the blanks: Oh! 206! Guess how many more to make a triple century? Top Ten Scores in the Cricket World Cup.

Give and Take

NCERT Solutions Give and Take CBSE Class-03 Mathematics. How will I go from 22 to 41? Jump from 22 to 42. Then one, step left. We can write it like this. 22 + 20 = 42, 42 – 1 = 41. How many steps did I go in all?

Long and Short

NCERT Solutions Long and Short CBSE Class-03 Mathematics. Measure your arm and your mother’s arm. What is the difference. In how many steps will Dorji cross the road? How many cups can be placed in a line on the table? How many shirts can be hung on this wire?

Shapes and Designs

NCERT Solutions Shapes and Designs CBSE Class-03 Mathematics. Where is Guddu standing? (c) Can this game be played around a round table? Why? (a) Look around you and identify things with straight and curved edges.

Fun With Give and Take

NCERT Solutions Fun with Give and Take CBSE Class-03 Mathematics. Geeta had Rs 368 in her purse. She bought a book for Rs 123. How much money is left in her purse? Money left in her purse is Rs. 368 – Rs. 123 =?

Times Goes On

NCERT Solutions Time Goes On CBSE Class-03 Mathematics. Think of some other things, some faster and some slower. Make a long list. Take seconds. Have you heard people playing a table or the drums? Find out a few different beats they play.

Who is Heavier

NCERT Solutions Who is Heavier CBSE Class-03 Mathematics. Are the groundnuts really more than the jaggery in weight or do they just look more? 1 kg popcorn or 1 kg sugar? 1 kg peas or 1 kg potatoes? How many small tomatoes do you think could lift the pumpkin up?

How Many Times

NCERT Solutions How Many Times CBSE Class-03 Mathematics. How many spiders? In the same way, how many bottles are these? How many eggs? Rewrite using the + sign. Ramu bought 4 packets of biscuits. Each packet has 4 biscuits did Ramu buy?

Play with Patterns

NCERT Solutions Play with Patterns CBSE Class-03 Mathematics. Look around you and list three in which you find some pattern. You will see these designs have been made by using the same block in different ways. Can you see a pattern in the way each block is repeated?

Jugs and Mugs

NCERT Solutions Jugs and Mugs CBSE Class-03 Mathematics. About how many glasses of water do you drink in a day? Can you guess how much water goes out of you? Match the right pairs: If Naima pours one glass of water in her jug, it looks like this: what do you think?

Can We Share

NCERT Solutions Can We Share CBSE Class-03 Mathematics. Mummy bird brings 12 grains. How to distribute equally? Mummy bird starts by giving 1 grain to each baby. Then Mummy bird gives one grain to each baby. Each baby has got 2 grains now. How many grains are left?

Smart Charts

NCERT Solutions Smart Charts CBSE Class-03 Mathematics. Have you been to a park. What coloured flowers did you see? Were most of the flowers yellow in colour. Look at the different flowers in the picture. Complete the table. _____ are the most in number.

Rupees and Paise

NCERT Solutions Rupees and Paise CBSE Class-03 Mathematics. One ball and one toy car. One notebooks and two pencils. One doll and a ball Rs. 15. One glass of lemon juice and a pocket of biscuits _____ One toy giraffe, one copy and a glass of lemon juice Rs. _____.

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