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Class 10 Science Sample Papers, Notes & Test Papers

Get our premium content for CBSE Class 10 Social Science like sample papers, NCERT solutions, revision notes, important questions, test papers, and learning videos on myCBSEguide.

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For students facing their first-ever board examination, social science is such a subject that is sure to panic them. As it is a comprehensive subject that includes subjects like History, Geography, Political Science, and Economics, it causes confusion for the students as to how much of which subject needs attention. myCBSEguide is a one-stop solution for such confusion. It brings a huge variety of material for class 10 social science at a minimal cost.

Complete Course for Class 10 Social Science 

We bring you all the nitty-gritty of Class 10 Social Science, which includes a chapter-wise textbook solution and revision notes followed by test papers and model question papers. You can download all of these from myCBSEguide App. Our Class 10 Social Science Flashcards on important chapters makes learning an interesting experience. Class 10 Social Science Revision Notes presents the synopsis of each chapter be it from History, Geography, Civics, or Economics. Those who already have registered with us, can directly get these on our Dashboard

Class 10 Social Science Syllabus 2022-23

The syllabus of a voluminous subject like Social Science tends to bother a pupil who has to see it like a Four-In-One subject. Let's make it easier for the newbies and put it in a simplified way. So, there are four books that we need to study to write a Class 10 Social Science paper in our CBSE board exams. The books and their chapters for the class 10 social science 2022-23 syllabus are:

  • History: India and the Contemporary World – II
  • Geography: Contemporary India – II
  • Political Science: Democratic Politics – II 
  • Economics: Understanding Economic Development

The question paper for class 10 social science will be of 80 marks and the time allotted is three hours. Given below is the marks distribution for each subject, which has been divided evenly. For a detailed syllabus for class 10 social science click here.

S.No. Units No. of Periods Marks
I India and the Contemporary World – II 60 20
II Contemporary India – II 55 20
III Democratic Politics – II 50 20
IV Understanding Economic Development 50 20
  Total 215 80

CBSE Class 10 Science Revision Notes

We have revision notes along with important questions for each and every chapter of class 10 social science. Since there are a number of chapters here, students may find themselves muddled around them. To help the students get out of this situation, myCBSEguide provides chapter-based class 10 social science revision notes that have been curated by CBSE teachers and our experts. These notes have key points and chapter summaries based on the NCERT textbooks. Get all details related to Class 10 social science revision notes here. You can download these summarized notes in PDF format for free and we can guarantee it will lessen the trouble of reading the huge chapters and making notes. Get them from our website and or simply download the myCBSEguide mobile app from the google play store.

Class 10 Social Science NCERT Solutions

The class 10 social science NCERT solutions basically include all the (chapter-end) questions provided in the NCERT textbook which is prescribed for class 10 in schools. NCERT textbook. These questions and answers may seem to be simple but are structured in a typical CBSE format, and provide a basic model on which more such questions can be formulated. A thorough understanding of concepts and topics is needed to solve these questions. Therefore, it is always recommended to study NCERT books as it covers the whole syllabus. We have these questions with detailed explanations available in myCBSEguide for free to view and download.

NCERT Class 10 Social Science Chapter Wise Solutions


  1. Development
  2. Sector of Indian economy
  3. Money and Credit
  4.  Globalisation of Indian Economy
  5. Consumer Rights


  1. Resources and Development
  2. Forest and Wildlife
  3. Water Resources
  4. Agriculture
  5. Minerals and Energy Resources
  6. Manufacturing Industries
  7. Lifelines of National Economy


  1. The rise of Nationalism in Europe
  2. Nationalism in India
  3. The Making of a Global World
  4. The Age of Industrialisation
  5. Print culture and the modern world

Political Science

  1. Power sharing
  2. Federalism
  3. Gender Religion Caste
  4. Popular struggle and movements
  5. Political Parties
  6. Outcomes of democracy

CBSE Class 10 Science Sample Papers, Model Papers & Test Papers

The latest sample paper for class 10 social science 2022-23 is out and our team at myCBSEguide has worked on it to provide more such model papers for our students and teachers. We have created model question papers for class 10 social science and they are available on the students' dashboard. Our first paper social science sample paper for class 10 is available for free download. The others can also be availed at a basic price.

If we carefully study the sample paper released by the CBSE, we find two important scoring sections - Section-E and Section-F. The former has case-based questions and the latter has map-based questions [from both History (2 marks) and Geography (3 marks)]. 

We are providing Social Science sample papers for Class 10 CBSE board exams with complete solutions. These CBSE Class 10 Social Science Model Question Papers for the session 2022-23 follow the new marking scheme and the blueprint. You can download all such Sample Papers from the myCBSEguide app and website in PDF format. We all know that practicing sample papers is the best way to score well in exams. Our class 10 social science model question papers follow the new CBSE marking scheme and blueprint. Students are sure to score well if they practice our papers.

You can also find chapter-related Test Papers, which can be very useful for formative assessment and remedial learning. Students can take tests from our Class 10 Social Science test papers as and when they think they are done with their preparations.  

Class 10 Social Science Case-Based Questions

The CBSE is now focusing on competency-based education and case study questions (CBQs) are a part of it. The Section-E of class 10 social science sample paper (from Questions no 34 to 36) is case-based questions with three sub-questions and are of 4 marks each. These questions are subjective in nature. Earlier, the Term-2 2021-22 CBSE exams had objective-type CBQs. The CBSE is the deciding authority as to which format of questions they will be asking for the boards. However, we think ideally, students should be prepared for both. 

To get good grades on their social science paper students must be acquainted with a range of class 10 social science case study questions. Students looking for quality case study questions can get them on myCBSEguide which has collected a variety of case study questions for Class 10 Social Science. We’ve put created a collection of Class 10 Social Science case study questions for you.

Social Science Case Study Question: Sample

Power sharing arrangements can also be seen in the way political parties, pressure groups, and movements control or influence those in power. In a democracy, the citizens must have the freedom to choose among various contenders for power. In contemporary democracies, this takes the form of competition among different parties. Such competition ensures that power does not remain in one hand. In the long run, power is shared among different political parties that represent different ideologies and social groups. Sometimes this kind of sharing can be direct when two or more parties form an alliance to contest elections. If their alliance is elected, they form a coalition government and thus share power. In a democracy, we find interest groups such as those of traders, businessmen, industrialists, farmers and industrial workers. They also will have share in governmental power, either through participation in governmental committees or bringing influence on the decision-making process.

a) ‘Power sharing is an essential component of democracy.’ Give one example to prove the statement.

b) How is alliance building an example of power-sharing?

c) How political parties, pressure groups, and movements help in controlling or influencing those who are in power?

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