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Sample Paper for Class 9 English Lang & Lit

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Sample Paper for Class 9 English Lang & Lit 2017-2018

Download CBSE Sample paper for Class 9 English Lang & Lit from myCBSEguide. Sample paper for class 09 English Lang & Lit are available for download in myCBSEguide app, the best app for CBSE students. Sample Paper for class 09 English Lang & Lit includes questions from Beehive, Moments, Extended Reading Texts-Gulliver’s Travels(Unabridged) by Jonathan Swift, Three Men in a Boat(Unabridged) by Jerome K. Jerome

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Sample Paper for Class 9 English Lang & Lit

General Instructions: The question paper has been divided into three sections: Sections A: Reading 20 marks, Sections B: _Writing & Grammar 30 marks, Section C: Literature & Long Reading Text 30 marks


1. Read the given passage below and answer the questions that follow: (8 Marks)

Answers to the current crisis of water may lie in the lack of reliance on our own traditions by our communities. Indians, over centuries; developed a range of techniques to harvest every possible form of water, from rainwater, stream and river water as well as flood water.
They have tapped water from hill streams or springs known as Kuhls carrying a discharge of 15-100 liters per seconds. In Meghalaya, a 200-year old system of tapping stream and spring water for irrigating plants by using bamboos still exists.
Credit must go to the people of the villages of Rajasthan and particularly Jodhpur, here old water system still exists and where the traditional system was maintained even after the advent of piped water. Villages which neglected their traditional system was maintained even after the advent of piped water. Villages which neglected their traditional system and relied solely on piped water sources faced scarcity under drought conditions. An Ironic contrast of water management is that between Jaisalmer and Cherrapunji which get 100 mm and 15,000 mm of rainfall respectively, Jaisalmer had enough water for itself until recent years, while Cherrapunji the wettest place on the earth, faced a drinking water shortage. Alwar district, also in Rajasthan, has been successful in harvesting water thereby bringing prosperity to its villages. In India, during the season of summer, our taps go on without water and we feel the scarcity of water. It is because we are much careless about the use of water and waste it extravagantly.
Questions :

  1. Why is crisis of water an acute problem?
  2. Name two techniques by which Indians harvest water.
  3. (How do people tap water in Meghalaya?
  4. In which state of India old system of water still exists?
  5. In which season we feel scarcity of water?
  6. Which district of Rajasthan has been prospering due to harvesting of water?
  7. Which is the wettest place on the earth.
  8. The word in the passage which means ‘deficiency’ is……………….


2. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow : (12 Marks)

Since ancient times, the pearl has been a symbol of unblemished perfection. It is the oldest gem and for centuries it was considered the most beautiful. The Latin word for pearl literally means ‘unique’, stating that no two pearls are identical. Pearls have been considered as ideal
wedding gifts because they symbolize purity and innocence. Most gems like sapphire, topaz, ruby, diamond etc are minerals that are mined from beneath the earth, but pearl is formed inside the shell of an oyster.
Mineral gems are hard but pearl soft other gems need to be coated and polished to bring out their beauty but pearl looks beautiful even in its original form in the form it is extracted from the oyster from the sea or from the mussel from the river.
How are pearls formed? The formation of pearl is an interesting phenomenon Oysters and other mollusks live in water. They have two shells, joined together with a hinge. These sells keep opening and closing, allowing water to pass in and out of them so that the oyster inside
can eat and breathe. Sometimes a foreign particle like a sand grain or a tiny parasite or a bit of broken shell enters the oyster’s shell and lodges itself in the soft body, causing it irritation.
When the oyster is unable to get, rid of this irritant, it secretes a substance called nacre, which forms a coating over the foreign particle to make it less dangerous to the soft tissues of the oyster. Gradually successive layers of nacre are deposited over the foreign particle until it
is fully enclosed in the substance, thus forming the pearl. It is the quality of the lustre and the colour of the nacre that decides the value of the pearl because the pearl also has the same lustre and colour as the lining of the shell of the mollusc. Rare and valuable pearls come from some species of oysters and other molluscs that live in the sea.
Thousands of oysters have to be collected to produce a handful of pearls. This is the reason natural pearls are extraordinary expensive.
Until the 1940s pearl oysters were mainly found int he Persian Gulf near the Island of Bahrain. Some of the natural pearl oyster beds were located in the South Pacific Ocean. Must of the pearls used in jewellery are cultured pearls and not natural pearls. A cultured pearl is a biological product of the pearl oyster as the natural pearl in women all over the
world are fond of pearl jewellery.

  1.  Answer the following questions :  (2×4=8)
    1. How are pearls different form jems and why are pearls considered as the ideal wedding gift?
    2. What decides the value of pearls?
    3. Why are natural pearls expensive?
    4. When does the oyster secrete nacre? How is nacre useful for the oyster?
  2.  Read the questions given below and tick (ü) the option you consider the most appropriate.  (1×4=4)

i) The Latin word for pearl literally means unique shaking that ……
a) no two pearls are alike
b) two pearls are alike
c) all pearls are identical
d) no three pearls are identical
ii) Gems are ……………..
a) soft
b) beautiful in their original form
c) mined from beneath the earth
d) formed inside the shell of an oyster
iii) Pick out a word which means the same as ‘spotless’ (Para 1)
iv) Pick out a word which means the same as “shine” (Para 3)

Section-B (Writing & Grammar) 30 marks

  1.  Your parents have worked you not to spend too much time watching T.V.

You feel deprived of entertainment. Write a diary entry expressing your feelings. (8)

  1. Write out a story making use of the given outlines :

A house near Ganges – father goes to another village – son in charge of the house – the river in flood – water, water everywhere – mother and sister in danger – a boat near the house – the boy saves the family. (12)

  1. Complete the following passage by choosing the most appropriate option from the clues given below : (1×3=3)

Fortune smiles only (i) those who are hard-working. It never comes (ii) the aid of idlers. A person who (iii) nothing himself loses claim to God’s blessings.
i) a) of b) on c) at d) an
ii) a) on b) of c) to d) for
iii) a) do b) did c) does d) done

6. The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each of the individual lines. Write in your answer sheet the incorrect word and the correction as given below against the correct blank number. (1×4=4)

Even though Indian has a long history e.g. has have
behind them, they has a poor (a) ………….. ………….
knowledge at maintaining homes, toilets, draperies and fridges (b)
Modern detergents and soaps is very common on (c)
shelves, but people does not use them regularly. (d)

7. Rearrange the words and phrases given below to form meaningful sentences. The first one has been done as an example. (1×3=3)

Example : best form / self study / is the / of / study
Self-study is the best form of study.
a) oneself / it is / best way / the / to educate
b) true lovers / can / make us / of / knowledge / self study
c) develops / of / investigation / self-study / the habit

Section-C (Literature & Long Reading Text) 30 marks

8. Read the extract given below and answer the following questions :(1×4=4)

He won’t do what you tell him.
So, come, let’s build strong homes.
Let’s joint the doors firmly.
Practice to firm the body.
a) Name the Poem and the Poet.
b) Who is ‘He’ in these lines?
c) What does the poet want us to do with the doors?
d) Give the past form of the verb “build”.
In spits of travelled all over the world – Khansaab as he is fondly called is exceedingly fond of Banaras and Dumraon and they remain for him the most wonderful of the world.
a) Name the lesson from which the above passage is taken?
b) Who is fondly called Khansaab?
c) What does he think of about Banaras and Dumraon?
d) Use in sentence of your own ‘fond of’.

9. Answer the following questions in 25-40 words. (Any 4) (2×4=8)

i) How did Tommy describe the old kind of schools and teachers?
ii) What difference did Kezia find between Mrs. McDonald and her own father?
iii) The doctor says, “But my mind was very active”. Give two examples to show that his mind was really active.
iv) What does when the Prince was alive, he did not know what tears were. Why?
v) What did the dancing girl say in her defence?

10. Answer any one of the following questions in about 100-150 words. (1×8=8)

Differently abled children are abled differently. Comment in reference to the chapter. (The sound of music – 1)
The Happy Prince realized that real happiness say in the justice of the poor. Have can you, as a student, keep the poor and reference.

11. Answer any one of the following questions in about 100-120 words : (10)

Draw the character sketch of Harris. Bring but the humour in saw the doctor examines the write and description he writes for him.
Describe the feelings of the narrator when he connected the medical dictionary in the British museum.
Gulliver’s Travels
a) What is your impression of the emperor of Lilliput in ‘Gulliver’s Travel”?
b) What incidents happen to Gulliver in the farmer’s hours in the land of the giants?

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Sample Paper for Class 9

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