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Feedback Proforma for Implementation of CCE in Schools

Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi invites feedback from principals, teachers, students, parents and educators on implementation of Continuous and Comprehensive Scheme of study in CBSE Schools.

The proforma has total 12 questions. Question 1 asks your role in education as principal, teacher, student, parent, educator or other.

Question 2 asks you to choose the school you are attached with such as Kendriya Vidyalaya, Navodaya Vidyalaya or Government School.

Question 3 want to find your city and question 4 ask you if you think that the CCE will help children more confident/ better human beings/ better citizens/ none of these.

Question 5 says, Do you think schools are implementing CCE with understanding/ without understanding/ in right spirit/ in as appropriate way/ in inappropriate way.

Question 6 want to know how many workshops conducted by the CBSE/School on CCE in which you participated. Question 7 asks what does implementation of CCE means for schools -projects/ assignments/ homework/ no homework/ tests/ stress on co-curricular activities.

Question 8 tries to find the numbers of tests/projects/assignments are just right/ too few or too many for the student. Question 9 asks you about implementation of formative assessment in school that if it is being done in a variety of modes including oral, written, practical assessments/ being done as an in class or in school activity/ being given as homework only/ being taken as class work only/ has too many tests attached/ overloading the students and parents.

Question 10 ask you that summative assessment should be done while schools setting the question papers and doing assessment themselves or CBSE setting the question papers and assessment to be done by the schools or it is done by the school gradually.

Question 11 asks you if there should be a common datesheet for summative assessment for the whole region/ the city / or the schools should have their own datesheets, no common datesheet is required.

Question 12 asks for any other suggestions for CBSE.

You can fill this Feedback from Here

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