The Scheme of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)

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The Scheme of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE Class-X) :

I Scheme 1– there shall be no Board Examination at Secondary (Class X) level for students studying in the schools affiliated to the Board who do not wish to move out of the CBSE system after Class X.
Every School, Sahodaya Cluster or City may design its own date sheet for classes IX and X School Based Examination accordingly.
SA-II to be conducted by the school:-

a) Online Question Papers will be sent from 03rd March 2015.
b) Examination will be conducted from 10th March onwards.
c) Online Marking Scheme will be made available from 17th March 2015.

II Scheme 2 – is applicable to those students from affiliated schools who wish to move out of the CBSE system after Class X (Pre-University, Vocational course, Change of Board etc). Such students are required to take the Board’s External Examination at Secondary (Class X) level.
Question papers and Marking Scheme will be prepared by the CBSE and evaluation will be carried out by the Board through External Examiners.

The Final term II Examination will be based on Term-II syllabus only. The question papers for Class X would be as per design. Content coverage for both types of question papers (Board/School Based) would be the same.
For Classes IX and X (Scheme 1) for Summative Assessment-II question paper will be sent online through Integrated Test Management System (ITMS). Each school has to register school name with a user name and password and complete registration through CBSE website.
A uniform certificate will be issued to all the candidates by the Board, whether appearing under Scheme-II (Board based) or Scheme-I (School Based) Summative Assessment-II.
Schools have been asked to upload total assessment of Class–IX Formative & Summative and Class-X Formative & Summative for which the downloadable software has been provided by the board.
Problem Solving Assessment will be conducted for classes IX & XI by the Board with the objectives of assessing students’ abilities to analyse given life situations, to comprehend and interpret written text and other essential higher order thinking skills.


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