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Class-12 Informatics Practices Revised syllabus 2015-16

CBSE class-12 Informatics Practices syllabus has been redesigned for the session 2015-16. The new revised syllabus is available for free download at informatics Practices syllabus.

Main changes are highlighted below :

In Class XII: Unit: 1 Computer networking: Remote Access Software such as Team Viewer and Inscript is also included under this chapter. (Page No 217)

In Unit 3

Under Database fundamentals: intersection is also included. (Page No 218)

Class XII: Practical table is appended (Page No 219)

In practical record file :

Network configuration and open source software used in your school is also included as pt 1. (Page No 219)

In Appendix ‘B’ : Students may be encouraged for collaborative Programming and remote trouble shooting. (Page No 227)

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