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CBSE Question Paper 2014 class 12 Informatics Practices

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CBSE Question Paper 2014 class 12 Informatics Practices conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi in the month of March 2014. CBSE previous year question papers with solution are available in myCBSEguide mobile app and cbse guide website. The Best CBSE App for students and teachers is myCBSEguide which provides complete study material and practice papers to cbse schools in India and abroad.

CBSE Question Paper 2014 class 12 Informatics Practices

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CBSE Question Paper 2014 class 12 Informatics Practices

General Instruction: 

  • All questions are compulsory.
  • Answer the questions after carefully reading the text.

1. (a) State two advantages of networking computers instead of having standalone computers. (1)

(b) What was the objective behind developing UNICODE? (1)

(c) Expand the following terms: (1)

(i) WAN

(ii) OSS

(d) What is the purpose of switch in a network?  (1)

(e) Identify the following devices: (2)

(i) An intelligent device that connects several nodes to form a network and redirects the received information only to intended node(s).

(ii) A device that regenerates (amplifies) the received signal and re-transmits it to its destination.

(f) What is the name of the network topology in which each node is connected independently using a switch? (2)

(g) What is meant by “Denial of Service” with reference to Internet service? (2)

2. (a) Distinguish between ‘/’ and %, operators. (1)

(b) What is a button group? Which control is generally used with a button group? (1)

(c) Which property of ListBox is used to display values in the list? (1)

(d) Which tags of HTML are used to (1)

(i) Change the font in a page

(ii) Add a row in a table?

(e) what will be the values of variables sum and sum1 after the execution of the following loops? (2)

Loop A
int v=6, sum=o;while i (v>3)


Loop B

int w=6, sum1=o;

} while  (w>3);

(f) What will be displayed in jTextAreal after the execution of the following loop? (2)

for (int f=5, I<=25; I+=5)

Textarea. setText. (jTextAreal . getText () +

” “+Integer.toString(2*I) ) ;

(g) Explain with the help of example(s) the difference between container and empty elements of HTML. (2)

3. (a) Write two examples of DBMS software. (1)

(b) What happens when auto-commit is set on? (1)

(c) What is meant by NULL value in MySQL? (1)

(d) Table Club’ has 4 rows and 3 columns. Table. Member has 2 rows and 5 columns. What will be the cardinality of the Cartesian product of them? (1)

(e) A numeric, data field CHANGER contains 25565.77A5. Write a command to round off CHANGER (2)

(i) up to 2 decimal places (i.e., expected result 25565.7g)

(ii) whole number (i.e., expected result 25566)

(f)  Name methods used to perform the following in NetBeans: (2)

(i) To set component visible at runtime

(ii) To return the index value of the selected item from the list

(g) Gopi Krishna is using a table Employee. It has the following columns: (2)

Code, Name, Salary, Deptcode

He wants to display maximum salary department wise.

He wrote the following command

SELECT Dept code, Max (Salary) FROM Employee;

But he did not get the desired result.

Rewrite the above query with necessary changes to help him get the desired output.

4. (a) Define the term Inheritance’. (2)

(b) Rewrite the following program code using Switch Case statement: (2)

int choice=Integer. parserInt ( jTextField1-. getText. ()) ;
if (choice==1)

j TextField2.setText (“January”)
else if (choice==2;

j TextField2. setText (“February’’);
else if (choice==3)

j TextField2. setText ( “March” ) ;

else if (choice==4)

jTextField2. setText (“Apri1”).

else if (choice==51

j TextField2. setText ( “May” ) ;


jTextField2.setText (“On1y 1 to 5 please”) ;

(c) What will be the value Xl after the execution of the following code? (1)

String x1= “Graduate ” ,X2=”Post” ;

X1=X2. concat (X1) ;

(d) write Java statement to make a jTextfield1 uneditable during execution. (1)

(e) what will be displayed in jTextArea1 after the execution of the following code? (2)

inE Z=4;



jTextArea1 . setText (Integer.toString (++Z) ) ;


} while (Z<=8) ‘

(f) Give the ouput of the following java code: (2)

String name= “Sid Nayar”;

int T=name.length (),N;


jTextFie1d2. setText. (Integer. tostring (T) ) ;

j TextField3. setText (Integer. toString (N) ) ;

(g) Abraham is a programmer at shouryen world School. He created the following GUI in Netbeans. The grade is calculated on the basis of percentage of total marks in five subjects (English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Computers)’ The Grade is calculated using the following criterion:

(Each subject marks is out of 100)

>=70 & <90B
>=50 & <70c
>=33 & <50D

CBSE Question Paper 2014 class 12 Informatics Practices
Help him to write code for the following:

(i) write Java code to calculate and display Total (as sum of marks obtained in all the subjects), percentage (as Total/5) and Grade on the basis Percentage of marks and the given criteria on the click of Command Buttons [Calculate Total], [Calculate Vo] and [Calculate Grade] respectively. (3)

(ii) Write Java code to clear all Textboxes on the click of [Clear] button. (1)

(iii) Write Java code to close the application on the click of [exit] button. (1)

5. (a) State difference between date functions NOW( ) and SYSDATE( ) of MySql.  (2)

(b) Name a function of MySql which is used to remove trailing and leading spaces from a string. (1)

(c) Consider the followin0g t a0ble named ‘SBOP” with details of account holders.
Write commands of MySql for (i) to (iv) and output for (v) to (vii). (7)
Table: SBOP

Account noNameBalanceDate of openTransaction
SB- 1Mr.Anll15000.002011- 02 -247
SB- 2Mr.Amit23567 .898
SB- 3Mrs. Sakshi45000.002012-02-045
SB-5Mr. Dennis53459.802009-11-1015

(i) To display Accountno, Name, and Date Of open of account holders having transactions more than 8.

(ii) To display all information of account holders whose transaction value is not mentioned.

(iii) To add another column Address with datatype and size as VARCHAR (25).

(iv) To display the month day with reference to Date of open for all the account holders.

(v) SELECT Count 1t 1 FROM SBOP;

(vi) SELECT Name, Balance FROM SBOP

WHERE Name LIKE “*i”;

(vii) SELECT ROUND (Balance. -3) FROM SBOP

WHERE Accountno= “SB- 5″;

6. (a) Write MySql command to create the table SHOP with given structure and constraint: (2)

Table: SHOP

Column_NameDataType(Size) Constraint
FnoInt (10Primary Key
Fnamevarchar (15)
TypeChar (10)
StockInt (3)
PriceDecimal (8,2)

(b) In a Database Multiplexes, there are two tables with the following data. Write MySQL queries for (i) to (iii), which are based on TicketDetails and agent details:

Table: ticket details

























Table: Agent Details

A01Mr. Robin
A02Mr. Ayush
A03Mr. Trilok
A04Mr. John

(i) To display Tcode, Name, and Name of all the records where the number of tickets sold is more than 5. (2)

(ii) To display total number of tickets booked by agent, “Mr. Ayush”. (2)

(iii) To display A code, name and corresponding Tcode where name ends with”k”. (2)

(c) With reference to ‘TicketDetails, table, which column is the primary key? Which column is the foreign key? Give reason(s). (2)

7. (a) Define e-learning. Give one popularly used website of e-learning. (1)

(b) “Use of e-governance has its social and economic impacts.” Justify. (2)

(c) Steve Antony works for HM Academy. He wants to create controls on a form for the following operations. choose appropriate controls from Textbox, Label, Radio Button, List box, Combo box, Checkbox, and Command button. (2)

1.Enter Name of Employee
2.Select Department from a list of department names
3.Gender out of options M and F
4.Submit form

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CBSE Question Paper 2014 class 12 Informatics Practices

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