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CBSE Question Paper 2011 class 12 Informatics Practices

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CBSE Question Paper 2011 class 12 Informatics Practices conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi in the month of March 2011. CBSE previous year question papers with solution are available in myCBSEguide mobile app and cbse guide website. The Best CBSE App for students and teachers is myCBSEguide which provides complete study material and practice papers to cbse schools in India and abroad.

CBSE Question Paper 2011 class 12 Informatics Practices

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CBSE Question Paper 2011 class 12 Informatics Practices

General Instruction:

  • This question paper contains 7 Questions.
  • Answer the questions after carefully reading the text.

Q1 Answer the questions after carefully reading the text. (1)
(a) Ms. Taufiq Ahmed wants to prevent unauthorized access to/from his company’s
local area network. Write the name of a system (software/ hardware), which
he should install to do the same

(b) Beauty Lines Fashion Inc. is a fashion company with design unit and market unit 135 meters away from each other. The company recently connected their LANs using Ethernet cable to share the stock related information. But after joining their LANs, they are not able to share the information due to loss of signal in between. Which device out of the following. should you suggest to be installed for a smooth communication? (1)
(i) UPS
(ii) Modem
(iii) Repeater
Ans: Repeater

(d) Name any two Indian scripts included in Unicode. (1)

(e) Mr. Jayanto Das is confused between Shareware and Open source software Mention at least two points of differences to help her understand the same. (2)
(f) Identify the type of Topology from the following: (2)
(i) If each node is connected with the help of independent cable with the help of a central switching (communication controller)
(ii) If each node is connected with the help of a single coaxial cable.

(g) Define the following with reference to Threats to Network Security. (2)
(i) Trojan Horse
(ii) Worm

Q2 (a) While working in Netbeans, Ms. Kanta Surbhi wants to display ‘Cleared’ or
‘Re-attempt required’ message depending the marks entered in jTextField.
Help her to choose more appropriate statement out of ‘If statement’ and ‘Switch
statement’. (1)

(b) Write a statement to make jTextArea1 as un-editable. (1)

(c) Which HTML tags are used for making a table and adding rows in a HTML document? 1

(d) How is <UL> tag different from <OL> tag of HTML? (1)

(e) What will be the value of A and B after execution of the following code: (2)
int A = 100, B ;
for (B=10; B<=12; B++)
JOptionPane. showMessageDialog (this, “A:”+A+” B:”+B+”) ;

(f) Differentiate between HTML and XML. 2
(g) Write Java code that takes the price of a pencil from jTextField1 and quantity of pencils from jTextField2 and calculates total amount as price * quantity to be displayed in jTextField3 and also find 10% tax amount to be displayed in jTextField4. (2)

Q3 (a) Write MySql command will be used to open an already existing database
“LIBRARY”. (1)

(b) The Mname Column of a table Members is given below: (2)


Based on the information, find the output of the following queries:
(i) Select Mname from members where mname like “%v”;
(ii) Select Mname from members where mname like “%e%”;

(c) A table “TRAINS” in a database has degree 3 and cardinality 8. What is the number of rows and columns in it? (2)

(d) Differentiate between Alternate key and Candidate key. (1)

(e) Define data encapsulation with reference to Object Oriented Programming. (1)

(f) A worke_ld consisting of 4 digits is stored in a string variable strWrkld. Now
Mr. Jai wants to store this Id in integer type of variable IntWrkld Write a Java
statement to do this. (1)

(g) Sarthya, a student of class XI, created a table “RESULT”. Grade is one of the column of this table. To find the details of students whose Grades have not been entered, he wrote the following MySql query. which did not give the desired result. (2)
SELECT*FROM Result WHERE Grade = “Null”;
Help Sarthya to run the query by removing the errors from the query and
write the correct Query.

Q4 (a) What will be displayed in jTextField1 after executing the following code. (2)
int N = 20;
N = N + l ;
If (N<21)
(b) Rewrite the following program code using a Switch statement. (2)

if (code ==1)
Day = “Monday” ;
else if (code == 2)
Day = “Tuesday” ;
else if ( code ==3)
Day = “Wednesday” ;
else if ( code == 4)
Day = “Thursday” ,
Day = “No Match” ;

(c) What will be displayed In jTextArea1 after executing the following statement: (1)
jTextAreal.setText(“Live\nIn Peace\t and harmony”);

(d) The following code has some error(s). Rewrite the correct code underlining all the corrections made: (2)
Int P=3; sum = 0; //Declaring P and sum as Integer
Sum = P;
P += 3;
while (P=<12)
jTextField1 (Integer.tostring(sum)) ;

(e) Given a string object namely ‘VALUE’, having value as “324” stored in it.
What will be result of the following: (1)

(f) The following code has some error(s). Rewrite the correct code underlining all the corrections made: (2)
int Total = 0, Jump = 5;
int I;
for (i = 0, I =<5, i ++)
Jump+ =5,
Total +=Jump;
jTextAreal.showText (” ” + Total) ;

(g) Mr. Ram Kishore, the owner of the Kiddi Land Enterprises has asked his programmer Saumya to develop the following GUI in Netbeans.
CBSE Question Paper 2011 class 12 Informatics Practices

Mr. Ram accepts payment through three types of credit cards. The offer is given according to the following scheme:

Type of Card Offer
Platinum20% of amount
Gold15% of amount
Silver10% of amount

If the Bill amount is more than Rs.25,000/- then the customer gets an additional
offer of 5% Write the Java code for the following :
(a) To assign Additional offer as 0(jTextField4) and Net amount as 0 (jTextField5). Also set them as un-editable.

(b) [when “Calculate Offer”(JButton1) is clicked] To calculate discount as per the given criteria and display the same in
jTextField3 To assign Additional offer (jTextField4) as 5% of
amount(jTextField2) as per the above condition.
To enable “Calculate Net Amount”(jButton2) button

(c) [When “Calculate Net Amount” (jButton2) is clicked] To calculate net amount as [TotalCost(jTextField2)]-offer(jTextField3)
-Additional offer (jT extField4)] To display the net amount in jTextField5

Q5 (a) What is the purpose of DROP TABLE command in MySql? How is it different from DELETE command? (2)
(b) Table Employee has 4 records and Table Dept has 3 records in it. Mr. Jain wants to display all information stored in both of these related tables. He forgot to specify equi-join condition in the query. How many rows will get displayed on execution of this query? (1)

(c) Consider the table RESULT given below Write commands in MySql for (i) to (iv) and output for (v) to (vii)
Table Result


(i) To list the names of those students, who have obtained Division as FIRST in the ascending order of NAME. (1)

(ii) To display a report listing NAME, SUBJECT and Annual stipend received
assuming that the stipend column has monthly stipend. (1)

(iii) To count the number of students, who have either Accounts or Informatics as Subject. (1)
(iv) To insert a new row in the table EXAM:

6, “Mohan”, 500, “English”, 73, “Second”

(vii) SELECT MIN(Average) FROM EXAM WHERE Subject = “English”;

Q6 a) Write a MySQL command for creating a table “PAYMENT” whose structure is given below: (2)

Field Name Datatype Size Constraint
Loan_numberInteger4Primary key
Payment_amountInteger8Not Null

b) In a database, there are two tables “Product” and “Client” as shown below: (2)

P_ID ProductName Manufacture Price
P003Bath SoapCOP25
P005Lens SolutionCOP350

Table: Client

C_ID ClientName City P_ID
01Dreamz DisneyNew DelhiP002
05Life Line IncMumbaiP005
1298.4New DelhiP001

Write the commands in SQL queries for the following:

(i) To display the details of Product whose Price is in the range of 40 and 120 (Both values included)

(ii) To display the ClientName, City from table Client and ProductName and Price from table Product, with their corresponding matching P_ID

(iii) To increase the Price of all the Products by 20.

(c) In a Database School there are two tables Member and Division as show below.
Table: Member

Empld Name Pay Divno

Table: Division

Divno Divname Location

(i) Identify the foreign key in the table Member. (1)

(ii) What output, you will get, when an equal-join query is executed to get the
Name from Member Table and corresponding from Division table?






(1 mark for providing any of the above outputs)


(1 Mark for providing any output from the tables mentioned above


(writing that the corresponding join column not available)


(1 mark if Q6(i) is correct)

Q7 a) What is the impact of e-Learning sites on students learning process? (1)

b) Write two advantages of e-Business sites. (1)

c) Write three important features of e-Governance? Give URL of one of the commonly used e-Governance portal. (2)

d) Jaina is creating a form for her practical file. Help her to choose most appropriate controls from List Box, Combo Box, TextField, TextArea, Radio Button, Check box, Label and Command button for the following entries from user. (2)
(i) A message “Enter Name” in front of a Text Field.

(ii) An input to choose more than one subjects from a set of given choices.

(iii) An input for entering comments of user.

(iv) An input for accepting the residential area out of Rural and Urban as options.

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CBSE Question Paper 2011 class 12 Informatics Practices

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