CBSE Quick Revision Notes for class-12 Accountancy

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Download exam ready quick revision notes for CBSE class-12 Accountancy from These notes and chapter summary is prepared by renowned author Dr. Vinod Kumar. The quick revision notes include all the chapters from Part-A and Part-B of CBSE class-12 Accountancy book as per the latest syllabus.

Download CBSE Quick Revision Notes

All these exam ready notes are available for FREE download. The topics covered are as below:

  1. Fundamentals of partnership
  2. Goodwill
  3. Change in Profit sharing ratio
  4. Admission of a Partner
  5. Retirement and Death of Partner
  6. Dissolution of Partnership
  7. Issue of Share Capital
  8. Issue of Debentures
  9. Redemption of Debentures
  10. Financial Statement Analysis
  11. Accounting Ratios
  12. Cash Flow Statement

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