CBSE Question Paper 2014 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology

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CBSE Question Paper 2014 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi in the month of March 2014. CBSE previous year question papers with the solution are available in myCBSEguide mobile app and website. The Best CBSE App for students and teachers is myCBSEguide which provides complete study material and practice papers to CBSE schools in India and abroad.

Question Paper 2014 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology

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CBSE Question Paper 2014 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology

General Instructions:

  1. All questions are compulsory.
  2. Answer the questions after carefully reading the text

    1. Observe the table CompFest of a Database named Events given below carefully and answer the questions that follow: [3]
      Filed NameData Type
      1. Name the view in which the table is shown- Design or Datasheet.
      2. What does the key symbol next to the EventlD field name designate?
      3. The EventName field has to be maximum 30 characters long but has been wrongly given the Memo data type. Suggest the correct data type for this field.
      4. What will be the impact of changing the data type of the EventId field to AutoNumber?
      5. Can this view be used to add a new field to the above table?
      6. What is the degree of the above table?
    2. The table FreeApp is used to maintain data related to the free mobile applications designed by a Company. Study the table and answer the following questions:
      App  IDApp NameApp UtilityApp VersionApp IntroDate
      FA100LockLock Messages1.0.201-01-2013
      FA101Chat-OChat MessengerBeta01-01 —2013
      FAI03FreeChatChat Messenger1.0.304-1 I -2013
      FA104PixelImage EditorBeta11-12—2013
      1. Name the two fields that can act as candidate keys in the table FreeApp. [2]
      2. If a new field named ApplntroTime is added to the above table that will store the introduction Time, then name the appropriate data type that should be used for this new field. [1]
    3. Fatima is preparing for her Medical entrance exams and wants to be able to conduct the live conference with two of her classmates located in different areas o1 the city. Which of the following modern technology will help tier avail this service?
      1. Video Telephony
      2. Video Conferencing
      3. Video on Demand
      4. Which image file format out of GIF, JPEG, and BMP is the most suitable for storing compressed aphids with lots of colors?
      5. What is the use of exporting a flash movie? [2]
  1. Questions below are based on Macromedia Flash
    1. Study the figure given below and answer the questions that follow
      CBSE Question Paper 2014 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology

      1. What is the usage of the area labeled as A in the above figure?[1]
      2. What do the arrows in the timeline area indicate?[1]
      3. Given the above settings, which layer cannot be edited?[1]
      4. (iv) what is the default frame rate of any movie created in Flash?[1]
    2. What is the difference between morphing and simple animation?[2] CBSE Question Paper 2014 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology
    3. Observe the image given below and do as directed : [4]
      • The graphic on the left-hand side shows the position and size for frame 1.
      • The graphic on the right-hand side shows the position and size for frame 20. Write the procedure and property settings for animating the above scenario.
  2. Answer the following questions based on HTML
    1. Name the attribute of the <EMBED> tag to be used in the following situations : [2]
      1. to hide the sound control box
      2. to play the soundtrack repeatedly four times
    2. Write the HTML code to generate the web page in the format shown :[8]CBSE Question Paper 2014 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology
      Consider the following points while writing the HTML code:

      1. The title of the web page is Google Apps.
      2. Text st of the page is Arial.
      3. The image used in the table is goog1el.png.
      4. The table has a red colored border that is 5 pixels thick and space between cells is 3 pixels.
      5. Create the given list with the appropriate bullet type.
      6. The text Drive, Calendar and Docs in the list are linked to pages drive.html, calendar.html, and docs.html.
      7. Use the concept CIF spanning for placing the image in the table across columns.
  3. Answer the following questions based on ASP:
    1. which of the following situation(s) is it essential to use a server side script such as ASP? Justify. [2]
      1. Display a welcome message when a page loads
      2. Display banner advertisements
      3. Display an error message when a user leaves a mandatory field in a form empty
      4. Authenticate a password entered by a user
    2. What is the use of the querystring and cookies collection of the response object?
    3. Name the object or component used for the following :
      1. To send a redirect message to the browser to connect to a different URL
      2. To show the number of visitors visiting a webpage
      3. To manage information related to a user session
    4. Give the output of the following statements:
      1. Response.write (12-5+3) \ 4)
      2. Response.write(MONTH(DATE0)*5)
      3. Response.write(STRREVERSE(MONTHNAME(4)
  4. Answer the following questions based on ASP:
    1. What is the use of the connection string ? [1]
    2. Name the method of RecordSet Object used for: [2]
      1. Moving the cursor to the record immediately after the current record
      2. To update the database with the modifications made in the recordset
    3. Study the code given below and answer the questions that follow : BannerAd.aspCBSE Question Paper 2014 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology
      1. The script in the file BannerAd.asp is used to display the content from the ads.txt file. Remove the errors in the code given above so as to get the desired result.
      2. Which of the ads would be displayed most often and why?
      3. If a new advertisement is to be displayed using the Ad Rotator to display an image named “Movies.jpg” for an advertisement for the website with description “Most reliable movie reviews”, then give the lines that need to be added to the file content.txt
    4. Study the code given below:
      <% Set FileObj=________________ (“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)
      Set mfile= FileObj. ___________(”d:\content\myths.txt”)
      Do UNTIL newsfile. ______________
      ch= newsfile.Read(1)
      If ch=”.” Then
      end if
      Loop newsfile.______________

      1. Fill in the blanks to complete the above code fragment that reads the text in the file Headlines.txt and displays the same on the web page after converting all full stops (.) to semi-colons (;). [2]
      2. Rewrite the code for the loop using DO WHILE instead of DO UNTIL.[1]
      3. How would the output of the above script change if we used the Readline method instead of Read(I) ?[1]
  5. Answer the following questions based on VBSCRIPT:
    1. Explain the concept of local and global variable with the help of a suitable
    2. Study the code given below and answer the questions that follow:[2] <HTML>
      <HEAD><TITLE> Board Question </TITLE>
      <SCRIPT LANGUAGE – “VBScript”>
      Sub Display (Message) ‘Beginning of Subroutine Document.Write (Message)
      End Sub
      <SCRIPT LANGUAGE = “VBScript”>
      Display “Hello! Welcome to VBScript.”
      Call Display (“Have a nice day.”)

      1. Identify and name the argument used in the above code segment.[1]
      2. What is the usage of the ‘(single quote), character in the above code segment? What is the alternate way of achieving the same effect in VBScript? [1]
      3. How many times will the subroutine Display be executed ? [1]
      4. What will be the output of the above code ?[1]
    3. Write the HTML code to generate the following form:[1]CBSE Question Paper 2014 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology
      Write the VBScript code to display the message “Number is even” if the number is even or “Number is odd” otherwise on the click of the CHECK button. The message should be displayed in the message box.
    1. Name the free and open source office suite.
    2. Dhirendra wants to transfer a document stored on his mobile to his sister’s mobile. They both are sitting in different rooms of their house. Choose the kind of network being formed in this case from the following :
      1. PAN
      2. MAN
      3. WAN
    3. Soma has entered a computer network without having authorized access to check the security of her office. On the other hand, Promila has entered a computer network without having authorized access with the intent of stealing documents. Who among them will be called a hacker and who will be known as a cracker? Also, mention who among them is doing an ethical job? [2]
    4. Differentiate between E-mail and chat. [2]
    5. FreeApp Company is in the process of renovation of their complex situated at Cyber City, Gurgaon. The complex premises has 3 wings as shown in the diagram below:
      CBSE Question Paper 2014 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology
      Approximate distances between these offices are as follows:

      Place FromPlace ToDistance
      Wing AWing B60m
      Wing BWing C50m
      Wing CWing A40 in

      The company plans to install the following number of computers in each of the wings:

      WingNo. of Computers
      Wing A100
      Wing B20
      Wing C40\
      1. Suggest the suitable cable layout for connecting the buildings and name the topology formed. [2]
      2. Suggest the most suitable place (Wing) to house the server of this organization with a suitable reason.[1]
      3. The head office is situated in Bangalore. Suggest the most suitable method of linking the head office and this complex that can provide fast communication provided cost is not a factor.[1]

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