CBSE Question Paper 2011 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology

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CBSE Question Paper 2011 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi in the month of March 2011. CBSE previous year question papers with the solution are available in myCBSEguide mobile app and website. The Best CBSE App for students and teachers is myCBSEguide which provides complete study material and practice papers to CBSE schools in India and abroad.

CBSE Question Paper 2011 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology

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CBSE Question Paper 2011 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology

General Instructions:

  1. All questions are compulsory.
  2. Answer the questions after carefully reading the text
    1. Identify the following views used to create a database in Access. [1] a.

      Field NameDate/ TypeDescription
      BIDTextBook Identification Number
      BNAMETextBook Name
      BPURDATEDate/TimeDate on which the Book was Purchased
      PUBLICTextPublisher of the book


      B03Action Scripting10-08-2009Tax all
      B04Flash for Dummies11-08-2009Penguin
      B05Access Made Easy10-10-2010Harping
    2. Illustrate the usage of the foreign key with the help of an example. [2]
    3. Study the table WEBSITES given below and answer the following questions:Table: WEBSITES
      1. Name the field which can act as the primary key in the table WEB- 1 site.
      2. Suggest the data types that should be used for each of the fields in the table WEBSITES.[2]
    4. Expand the term MPEG. What kinds of files are stored using the MPEG format? [2]
    5. Mention any two areas where virtual reality is being used. [2]
  1. Answer the following questions based on Macromedia Flash.
    1. What is the use of the onion skinning feature? [1]
    2. Name any two types of tweening. [1]
    3. Enumerate the benefits of vector graphics over bitmap graphics. [2]
    4. What is the use of the Publish Preview option? [2]
    5. Observe the image given below and do as directed: [4] CBSE Question Paper 2011 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology

      • The image on the left-hand side shows the position of the object at frame 1.
      • The image on the right side shows the position of the object at frame 25.
      • Assume that the image is stored in the library by the name robot. Also, note that the color and size of the image remains the same.
      • The arrow shows the path followed by the robot to reach from position at frame 1 to the position at frame 25.
        Write the procedure and property settings for animating the above scenario.
  2. Answer the following questions based on HTML.
    1. Name the three structural tags of the HTML page and explain the usage of any one of them. [2]
    2. Write the HTML code to generate the web page in the format as shown: [8]CBSE Question Paper 2011 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology

    Consider the following points while writing the HTML code:

    1. Title of the page should be “eGames”,
    2. The background color of the page should be “Pink”,
    3. Text color of the main heading should be “red” and font should be “Arial Bold”.
    4. Image used in the page is “game 1. jpg”.
    5. Use the concept of nested lists to create the given lists.
    6. The table should have a border of size 5 and color blue and the spacing between adjacent cells is 15 pixels.
    7. The bottom image (link.jpg) and the text “Details of the Games” are both links’ to the page details.html.
  3. Answer the following questions based on ASP.
    1. What do you understand by the term ASP engine? [1]
    2. How do you retrieve information from a form that is submitted using the post method?
    3. How is the AddNew method of the Recordset object different from the Update method of Recordset object? 2
    4. Identify the following:
      1. The ASP object which provides access to methods and properties on the server. [3]
      2. The ASP component used to display banner advertisements on a web page.
      3. The method of the Recordset object that is used to move the cursor directly to the last record in the recordset.
    5. Give the output of the following statements: [3]
      1. Response.write (NOT TRUE AND (TRUE OR FALSE))
      2. Response.write(RIGHT(“Let’s Learn and Experiment”, LEN(“LEARN”)))
      3. Response.write«5-3)*(4/2-3))
  4. Answer the following questions based on ASP:
    1. Expand the term PWS. [1]
    2. Differentiate between Counter and Page Counter components of ASP. [2]
    3. Predict the output of the following code: [2] <Script Language= “VB Script”>
      Dim A, BA= 1
      B = 10
      Do While A < 5
      Document. Write (A + B)
      A=A+ 1
    4. Rewrite the following code after removing errors with each correction underlined:
      The login name entered by the user is :
      pass = RESPONSE.QUERYSTRING (“password”) %>
      The password is :
      if pass < > “enter” then
      REQUEST.WRITE (Invalid) Otherwise
      RESPONSE.WRITE (“Valid”)
    5. Write the ASP code that will read the text file called multi.txt, and display the alternate lines contained in the file. [3]
  5. Answer the following questions based on VBScript:
    1. Name the event to be used in the following situations: [2]
      1. To perform an action when a button is clicked.
      2. To perform an action as soon as the contents of a text box change.
    2. Rewrite the following code using DO WHILE instead of FOR LOOP without affecting the output: [2] <HTML>
      DIM Num, Flag
      Flag = 0
      Num = 10
      FORA = 2 TO Num/2
      Flag = Flag + 1NEXT
    3. Point out the errors in the following code and rewrite the code with the
      corrections underlined: [2] <HTML>
      <SCRIPT = “VB SCRIPT”>
      DIM A, B, C, Count
      A = 0
      B = 1
      FOR Count = 3 TO 6 INCREASE 1
      C = A+B
      document. Write (C)
      A = B
      B = C
    4. Write the HTML code for creating the form shown below: [4] CBSE Question Paper 2011 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology
      Write the embedded VBScript code for the click event of the ‘Check Divisibility’ button such that it displays 1 if the First Number (number input in the first text box) is divisible by the Second Number (number input in the second text box) and 0 otherwise in the third text box.
      For example: if the user inputs 10 and 5 in the first two text boxes, then 1 should be
      displayed in the third text box, on the click of the “Check Divisibility” button.
  6. Answer the following questions based on the unit Web Technologies:
    1. Define the term Firewall. [1]
    2. Expand the term FSF. [1]
    3. What is the following software used for? [2]
      1. Open Office
      2. MySQL
    4. Differentiate between Twisted pair cable and Optical fiber cable. [2]
    5. Radio City has set up its new center at Mumbai for its office and broadcasting activities. It has 4 blocks of buildings as shown in the diagram below. Answer questions (i) to (iv) in the context of the following layout of the four blocks:CBSE Question Paper 2011 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology
      Center to Center distance between various blocks.

      RadioCity Ato RadioCity B60 m
      RadioCity B to RadioCity C75 m
      RadioCity C to RadioCity D175 m
      RadioCity A to RadioCity D250 m
      RadioCity B to RadioCity D100 m
      RadioCity A to RadioCitv C75 m

    Number of Computers in each wing

    RadioCity B250
    RadioCity C50
    RadioCity D100
    1. Suggest a suitable cable layout to connect all the offices and name the topology used. [1]
    2. Suggest the most suitable place to house the server with proper justification.
    3. Where and why repeaters should be used?
    4. If the organization needs to link this branch office to another office situated in a distant city (around 1050 Km) away from where the cable connection is not feasible, then suggest an economical way to connect it with reasonably high speed? [1]

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