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CBSE Question Paper 2017 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology

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CBSE Question Paper 2017 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi in the month of March 2017. CBSE previous year question papers with the solution are available in myCBSEguide mobile app and website. The Best CBSE App for students and teachers is myCBSEguide which provides complete study material and practice papers to CBSE schools in India and abroad.

CBSE Question Paper 2017 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology

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CBSE Question Paper 2017 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology

General Instruction:

  1. All questions are compulsory.
  2. Answer the questions after carefully reading the text.

    1. Write any two advantages of using DBMS. (1)
    2. MySQL is an RDBMS. Is this statement true or false? (1)
    3. Study the following data and answer the questions given below:
      CBSE Question Paper 2017 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology
      CBSE Question Paper 2017 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology(i) What are the degree and the cardinality of the CITY table? (1)
      (ii) Name the fields, which can act as the primary key in STATE table. (1)
      (iii) What type of relationship exists between these two tables? (1)
      (d) Give the full form of GIF. (1)
      (e) Name any two popular sound formats that are mostly used while designing web pages. (1)
      (f) Name any one software used for image editing and for sound editing. 2
      (g) .MOV is the extension of which type of files? (1)
  1. Answer the following questions based on Macromedia Flash:
    1. How is a Flash movie embedded in HTML? (2)
    2. Differentiate between stage and work area. (2)
    3. What do you mean by a keyframe? (1)
    4. What is the use of a locked layer? (1)
    5. Consider the figure given below and do as directed :


    1. The text on the right-hand side shows the position for frame 20.
    2. The text on the left-hand side shows the position for frame 1.
    3. The text in frame 1 moves to frame 20 and changes as shown in the figure.

    Write the procedure and property settings for animating the above scenario. (4)

  2. Answer the following questions based on HTML:
    1. Explain the use of HTML tag to embed an audio clip in HTML file. (2)
    2. Write the HTML code to generate a Web Page in the format given below : (8)

    Consider the following while writing the HTML code :

    1. Title of the page should be ‘‘Media in life’’.
    2. Background of the page is ‘‘pink’’, Link color should be ‘‘blue’’.
    3. Heading of the page is ‘‘maroon’’.
    4. Picture used in the page is the file ‘‘images.jpeg’’.
    5. Text in the paragraph is ‘‘red’’.
    6. The table should have a border of width 1, the border of the table should be ‘‘green’’.
    7. Pages linked to :
      – Evolution as ‘‘evol.html’’ – References as ‘‘ref.html’’
    8. Bottom message is of size 2 and mail is linked to [email protected].
      CBSE Question Paper 2017 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology
  3. Answer the following questions based on PHP:
    1. Identify the errors and rewrite the given code : (2)
      d = date(“D”);
      Switch (d)
      case “Mon”:
      echo “Today is Monday”;
      case “Tue”:
      echo “Today is Tuesday”;
      case “Wed”:
      echo “Today is Wednesday”;
      case “Thu”:
      echo “Today is Thursday”;
      case “Fri”:
      echo “Today is Friday”;
      case “Sat”:
      echo “Today is Saturday”;
      case “Sun”:
      echo “Today is Sunday”;
      echo “Wonder which day is this ?”;
    2. What is the importance of _POST over _GET ? (2)
    3. Using PHP, create a text file saved as (3)
      C:\xampp\htdocs\test\exam.txt in which write the four lines of the English poem as written.
      Fisherman in the cold sea
      would not harm whales
      and the man gathering salt
      would not look at his hurt hands
      In the same file write the code to display the number of vowels in this poem.
  4. Give the output of the following statements: (3)
    1. echo strlen(“Hello world!”);
    2. echo substr(“Hello world!”,6);
    3. echo strcasecmp(“Hello”, “Hello”);
  1. Answer the following questions based on PHP:
    1. What will be the values of the variables x and y after executing the following code?(1)
      x=0; y=0;
      for(x=1;x<=5; ++x)
      y = x++;
      – – y;
    2. What is meant by superglobals in PHP ? Give the names of any two superglobals. (2)
    3. Why is it important to close the active connections when their requirement is over?(1)
    4. Following is the code to create a connection to the server and to create a database named myDB in mySql. Fill in the blanks to complete the code : (3)
      servername = “localhost”;
      username = “username”;
      password = “password”;
      // Create connection
      conn = mysqli_connect(________, username,________);
      // Check connection
      if __________ {
      die(“Connection failed:” . mysqli_connect_error());
      // Create database
      sql = “___________ DATABASE myDB”;
      if (mysqli_query(conn, ___________))
      echo “Database created successfully”;
      echo “Error creating database:” . mysqli_error(conn);
    5. Write the PHP code to set a cookie named ‘‘user’’ and value ‘‘exam’’. The cookie should expire after a week. Also display the values stored in _COOKIE.
  2. Answer the following questions based on JavaScript:
    1. With the help of suitable example, explain two points of difference between global and local variables. (2)
    2. Give the output of the following set of statements: (2)
      <SCRIPT LANGUAGE=”JavaScript”>
      var num = [4];
      var con = 0;
      for ( i = 3; i>=0; i- -)
      num [i] = i * con;
      document. write( num[i] + “<br>”);
      con = con + 1;
    3. Rewrite the above code using while loop without affecting the output. (2)
    4. Create a form that contains a Tax Calculator as shown below. When the user enters his salary, the tax to be paid should be displayed in the second textbox. The calculation of tax should be done as follows :
      If the salary is greater than or equal to 200000, then the tax should be 10% of the salary.
      If the salary is greater than or equal to 100000 but less than 200000, then the tax should be 5% of the salary.
      And if the salary is less than 100000, then no tax.
      Write the HTML code for creating the form and the embedded JavaScript code for the click event of the button.
      CBSE Question Paper 2017 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology
  1. Answer the following questions based on Communication and Network concepts:
    1. Name one Open Source Indian Operating System. (1)
    2. Write any two points of difference between the logical address and physical address of a computer connected over LAN. (2)
    3. Illustrate the layout for connecting 5 computers in a Bus and a Tree topology of networks. (2)
    4. What do the following top-level domains signify? (1)
      1. .com
      2. .org
    5. Sarvodaya school is setting up their new campus in Mumbai. You, as a network expert, have to study the data given below and answer the following questions:

    Physical locations of the buildings of the school:
    CBSE Question Paper 2017 Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology
    Building-to-Building distances are as follows:

    Admin to Senior60 m
    Admin to Junior120 m
    Junior to Senior70 m

    Each of the above buildings has the following number of computers:

    1. Suggest and draw the layout for a network, with proper justification to connect all the buildings. (1)
    2. Suggest the most appropriate building to house the server with proper justification. (1)
    3. What type of network, out of the following, is formed by connecting the computers of these buildings: (1)
      – LAN – MAN – WAN
    4. Which of the following is used to connect each building with one another considering security as the main issue along with high-speed connectivity: (1)
      – Twisted pair cable – Coaxial cable – Optical fiber

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Last Year Question Paper Class 12 Multimedia and Web Technology

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