CBSE Sample Papers for class 10 Mathematics and Science has added new sample papers for class 10 mathematics and Class 10 Science for CCE second term from October to March. These sample papers are issued by CBSE, KVS and Delhi schools for students studying in class 10 in current session.

CBSE sample papers with complete solution, Marking scheme and answer key are also added for class 10 maths and science. All these sample papers are available for FREE download under class 10 section of

CBSE class 10 Sample papers for Social Science, English and Hindi are also made available for free download. To get these sample papers go through the link below :

CBSE class 10 Sample Papers for 2013

We have also added many important Questions and chapter-wise key notes for class 10 english, maths, science, social science, hindi etc. Students are advise to go through these downloads too.

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