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Download CBSE Sample Papers and Key Notes

myCBSEguide App

myCBSEguide App

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myCBSEguide has added new CBSE Sample Papers, CBSE Important Questions, CBSE chapter-wise Key Notes for class 11 and class 12 to the download section of myCBSEguide.com for free of cost. These sample papers and other study material is provided by KVS and DoE, Delhi. Solved Sample papers for class 11 for physics, chemistry, maths and biology are prepared by the team of myCBSEguide.com.

Through question banks, practice sets and sample papers we have been trying to attract the students towards practice and more practice. For this we have provided enough study materials in this section. We have assembled more than 1000 of MCQ for each subject. It is a collection of questions from various sources and experts working on it.

Role of CBSE Sample papers and Key Notes in exams

In class 11 and 12 the Syllabus becomes quite lengthy and competitive. There is a strong demand in students for model test papers, keynotes,and online test series based on CBSE curriculum. We have translated this idea in the form of ebooks and sample papers in pdf format so that it can be downloaded and available from anywhere and anytime. We provide sample papers for all classes. See the sample paper section and download it for practice. Some special books are also available at our shopping site myCBSEguide Shop. Here paid ebooks are available from different publications. This will guide you to get the deep knowledge of CBSE exams.

CBSE Sample Papers
CBSE Sample Papers

Useful links and points to remember

  1. You should start with syllabus section first to get the idea of whole pattern.
  2. Then start to practice with free downloadable ebooks and sample papers
  3. To get some deep idea and practice with more question sets you can opt for sample papers from elpiscart.com
  4. All subjects mention below are available here.
  1. For class 11 and 12 direct url is given here

Downloads for CBSE class 11

Downloads for CBSE class 12

CBSE Sample Papers, CBSE Important Questions and CBSE Key Notes for the following subjects available for free download :


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