CBSE 2010 Exams : CCE in Class IX and Grades in Class 10

Students of class X taking board exams in March 2010 will not get to know their percentage. Their ‘marksheet’ will only bear grades from now on and not marks.

As per a presentation on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) made at conference on schools at IIT Delhi on Monday, the CBSE will switch to the grading system for class X from this session itself. For the last time, board exams for class X will be held in March 2010. From next academic session, CCE will be implemented in all CBSE schools, doing away with the exams.

According to the CBSE, marks obtained by students will not be disclosed unless there is a special case. ‘‘Revealing the marks will defeat purpose of introducing grades. However, we may make an exception if a student is shifting abroad or on a recommendation of the principal,’’ said a senior CBSE official.

Class X students will be graded on a nine-point system starting from A1 to E2. Their admission in class XI will also be based on grades. Those who do not get a qualifying certificate from the board due to an E1 or E2 grade will be given five attempts to improve their performance.

According to the CBSE official, the ministry of human resource development (MHRD) may also direct other boards to accept grades or the CCE card (to be given from the next session) if a student switches from a CBSE school to another school in class XI. ‘‘There was a meeting between the officials of the MHRD and Council of Boards of School Education last week to discuss this issue,’’ the official said.

Though there will be no change in the exam pattern for the existing batch of class X, teaching method and evaluation for class IX have already seen a change. CCE started in class IX from October this year and instead of exams, the students would just have a ‘summative assessment’ at the end of the current session. The official added pattern of the question paper to be provided by the board for ‘summative assessment’ would be different this year.

‘‘Till now, the pattern of class IX paper used to be same as that of class X. But we will have around 15% multiple-choice questions in the class IX paper from 2010,’’ the official said. He also added that unlike before, there will not be two different papers for science theory and practical skills. ‘‘Only one paper will be held for science in class IX,’’ he said.

CCE is a hot topic at the three day conference at IIT Delhi as teachers from all over the country got a chance to clear their doubts. The conference will last till December 30 with education experts, principals and teachers presenting papers on issues related to schools.

Source : Times of India

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  • rikankshi

    cce is really gud as it provides scope for each and every student, to score gud…………… people who dnt like dnt know the real values for it.

  • rikankshi

    its rocking……….. i love doing projects insted of studing badly like book ants………………..

  • tanya

    plzz tell me that whether board exams r necessary .. class 10
    and if not then why are they giving us so many choices and making everybody confuse ….
    give me science sample paper .

  • rahul


  • http://google himanshu pandita

    i think the cce system is very complex……..some going for boards some cce….also a lot of time is spent by making sooo many projects….NO TIME LEFT

  • Bishak bhattacharya

    Childrens being blackmaild saying that they will lose their there grades .Always giving project .No availibility of freedom

  • alok

    dis is just disgusting thing a big pit for brilliant student

  • amaan

    yaaar reallyyyy disgusting just wastage of time…….. der is no time for other works

  • Sa12m

    I need to change my board next year. I’m in 10th. Is it necessary for me to give my boards? If yes, Teachers at my school say it isn’t possible now because I’ve already signed the form. Is there anything I can do. ?

  • priyam

    proper information is not given…….and..we are just busy doing other works and have got very less time for self studies…

  • mounica

    can v clearly get the timetable of boards of class 10 2011 cce  which r decided…….. v dint still get d timetable n our school……..when will v get it???

  • nivedha nithyanandam

    wish the cce record was maintained properly coz……we hv uor names 4 talking (just for once ),for changing places,and things like that ……its truly stupid……WELL CAN EVEN SAY HEIGHT OF STUPIDITY c’mon no human can stay without talkin n tat too students!!!!!! only god can save us!

  • sudhanshu

    dear boy and girls i am also facing problem like you if you wants question paper of cce patern the best site is
    go and download sampale paper and give a good mark to your school

  • Aman

    percentrage lana aasan hai

  • Manjit

    Muche aisa lagta hai ki ab padhi likhi ka value khatam ho gaya ab bas it na lah gaya hai ki project project or project jisne yah cce nikala uskn mere aur se ak gana agle commet mai

  • amit

    im really frested

  • amit

    im confuse



    BECAUSE 10TH CLASSS ‘marksheet’ will only bear grades from now on and not marks.

  • http://gmail saumya

    we’ll get our result of 9th-10th combined??/

  • ayushman

    cce is really difficult than ICSE

  • ayushman

    your website does’nt make sense of taking other’s coments like mine


    The new cce system according to me is very beneficial for us.many students think that its a burden on them , but i think that because of this system we can easily get good grades and can get good marks………………………………………………………………….I LOVE CBSE AND CCE

  • chiranjeev

    i dont understand cce

  • Rakshit Dhawan

    will class 9 result affect class 10th result??

  • rajan chauhan

    cce ki maa ki choot me loda

  • rajan chauhan

    cce is fucker