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Find 2 possitive numbers such that X+y=60and xy"3 is maximum
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Somber Arrival 1 month ago

x+y=60 => x=60-y Let S=xy³ S = (60-y)y³ S= 60y³-y⁴ dS/dy = 180y²-4y³ For max/min dS/dy =0 180y²-4y³=0 4y²(45-y)=0 Either y=0 ( not possible) Or y=45 (correct ✅ ) If we check by double differentiation then at y=45 it will be negative which means that value of function xy³ is maximum at y=45. And x+y = 60 (given) x = 60 - 45 = 15 Therefore two numbers are 15 and 45. THANK YOU!

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