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CUET Business Studies Mock Tests, Online Tests | Practice Papers

Get CUET Business Studies online Mock Tests and Sample Papers from the myCBSEguide app now. It offers a wide range of MCQs as per the latest CUET 2022 Business Studies syllabus.

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Students can prepare for all-India CUET 2022 from myCBSEguide, which has a well-equipped question bank. CUET becomes important for those candidates who plan to get admitted to the colleges under central universities. The level of this exam is similar to other entrance exams like NEET and JEE. A huge percentage of students from the commerce stream will be taking this test. For them, it is necessary to score well in their CUET exam so that they secure a seat in their desired college. Business Studies is one of the core subjects that commerce students opt for as it is relevantly easier. In this article, we will discuss details related to CUET Business Studies.

CUET Business Studies Syllabus

The National Testing Agency will be conducting the Common University Entrance Test (CUET or CUCET) in July 2022. The syllabus for CUET Business Studies will be based lass 12 CBSE Boards. However, there might be certain addition or deletion here and there. Candidates who will be taking the CUET exam can refer to myCBSEguide and get a complete guide and subject-wise course material. It has mock tests and online tests for Business Studies. Given below is the chapter list covered for CUET Business Studies, for details students can click on CUET Business Studies or checkout CUET's official syllabus.

  • Unit I: Nature and Significance of Management
  • Unit II: Principles of Management
  • Unit III: Business Environment
  • Unit IV: Planning
  • Unit V: Organising
  • Unit VI: Staffing
  • Unit VII: Directing
  • Unit VIII: Controlling
  • Unit IX: Business Finance
  • Unit X: Financial Markets
  • Unit XI: Marketing
  • Unit XII: Consumer Protection
  • Unit XIII: Entrepreneurship Development

CUET Business Studies Question Paper

The Section II of the CUET paper is devoted to the domain subjects having 50 questions. Like all the other core subjects of this section, students writing CUET Business Studies papers too, are allowed to attempt any 40 out of the given 50 questions. The duration of the exam is 45 minutes only.  Students will be awarded 5 marks for each correct answer and 1 mark will be deducted for a wrong answer. Since CUET Business Studies will be a  computer-based paper, it calls for proper preparation. Students need to practice a lot so that they can complete their papers in the given timeframe. 

Earlier, in an announcement  NTA had released the typology of the questions that are expected for the 2022 CUET examination. The typology of MCQs given there was: Standalone, Assertion-Reason/Incorrect Statement, Table-based Match the Following, and Case-based or Case Study. Likewise, CUET Business Studies will have such question types.

Basically, this exam will test students' competency rather than their rote learning. Sometimes the questions are too lengthy and students tend to get nervous at the very sight of them. However, such questions may be easy to solve and tests students' patience. Case study questions are one such type of question, where students are supposed to get a paragraph and answer the related questions. Our expert teachers have prepared exclusive Business Studies case study questions which will benefit the candidates sitting for CUET Business Studies and will help in scoring well. The complete collection can be accessed through the myCBSEguide App

CUET Business Studies Mock Test

For the students from the Commerce Stream, Business Studies is a core subject in their undergraduate program. Students can score better in their CUET Business Studies with the minimal practice of mock tests and online tests.  Our CUET Business Studies Mock Test can help them to increase their percentile in their domain subject thus adding up to the overall percentile. Business Studies as a subject provides a way of perceiving and interacting with the business ecosystem. Candidates who are going to appear for the CUET Business Studies can try our customized mock tests from the Students' Dashboard. We have online tests for almost all the subjects of CUET sorted chapter-wise. 

Getting into a college depended only upon the hard work for the class 12 board examination earlier. Now it is not the same because for admission to central universities students need to get a good score on the CUET exam. Candidates who will sit for the CUET Business Studies paper should practice mock tests and take Business Studies online tests provided by myCBSEguide. This will boost their time management and prepare them well for all types of questions. 

Why do we pitch for using myCBSEguide CUET course material is because we have updated data with all the latest typologies of questions. Besides, our online tests and mock tests can prove to be a drill practice for the students who have never taken any such test before. Students need to keep simple points in mind while giving their first-ever common entrance test. This can only be done by practicing real-like papers or by taking mock tests. 

Our CUET Business Studies course will definitely help the student to fetch good marks in case CUET Business Studies. Subsequently, students can also prepare for  Section I (IA and IB) i.e. the language section, and Section III i.e. the general test from our site. The CUET FAQs answer any other related queries.

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