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CUET General Test Sample Papers

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CUET General Test Sample Papers 2022 are now available on the myCBSEguide App under the Entrance Exam section. Just download the myCBSEguide App, select Subject as Entrance Exams – CUET (UG) and get unlimited access to CUET Question Papers.

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CUET General Test

The general test is applicable for all the courses that are not covered under domain tests or in most of the cases where it compliments the domain tests. That’s why General Test would become a common test in most cases.

We know that there will be 75 questions in CUET General Test and students have to attempt any 60 of them. But the variety of the questions demands special preparation and intensive practice.

The syllabus of the CUET General Test covers the following topics that students need to prepare for.

CUET General Knowledge

It’s a very common topic in almost all competitive exams. It usually has questions about Indian History, Civics, Geography, General Science, Popular events, people and places. Theoretically, it is not possible to touch all the topics in General Knowledge. So, the best way to prepare is to practice as many questions as possible.

Download myCBSEguide App or check myCBSEguide Dashboard to access General Knowledge questions.

CUET Current Affairs

Again current affair questions are very common. CUET may ask 10-12 questions from this section. These questions will be from the latest news and events in India and around the world.

Students should read newspapers on daily basis and keep in touch with GK Today type magazines. They should be well aware of the things happening around them.

CUET General Mental Ability

The mental ability questions are asked in many school level olympiad exams and most of the students are well aware of such questions. But the only problem is that many of them have never practiced them or have very little knowledge about the tricks to solve them quickly.

Here, myCBSEguide helps you a lot. We have thousands of questions to practice. You can access them on the myCBSEguide App under the Entrance Exams – CUET (UG) section.

CUET Numerical Ability

CUET numerical ability is to test your speed and accuracy on basic mathematical operations. It includes very basic mathematical questions that are asked in competitive exams like SSC, Bank PO, Railways etc. A little practice on such questions can help you score high in the CUET exam as well.

CUET Quantitative Reasoning

It comprises a simple application of basic mathematical concepts arithmetic/algebra geometry/mensuration /statistics that are taught till Grade 8. So, no special preparation is required to attempt these questions. The only suggestion that we will give you is to work on the speed. You will get around 1 minute to solve a question. So, speed matters a lot. The only way to improve your speed is to practice more questions.

And again, these questions are available on the myCBSEguide App which will definitely help you to get good score in your exam.

CUET Logical and Analytical Reasoning

Logical and analytical reasoning is a bit different from general mental ability questions. It has questions that compel you to think and analyse logically. The logical reasoning part will have 10-12 questions in the CUET question paper. So, you can not ignore such questions.

Download the myCBSEguide App or visit the myCBSEguide Dashboard to access questions on logical and analytical reasoning questions.

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