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CUET General Test Practice | CUCET Mock Test

Prepare for CUET 2022 general test as per the latest exam pattern. Practice questions from exclusively curated General Test Sample Papers on the student’s dashboard.

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Soon after their boards, students will have to take the Central University Common Entrance Test (CUCET) or the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) in July. It is the first-ever mandatory common entrance test for undergraduate programs in all the 45 Central Universities. The registration for the CUCET 2022 has been completed on CUCET's official website.

What is the syllabus or pattern for CUET?

The CUET 2022 consist of one language test, two domain-specific papers, and a general test. The CUET exam format has been divided into three parts that will carry objective-type Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). Section I (IA and IB) is to test the language skills, Section II comprises the core subjects, which the students wish to pursue at the undergraduate level and Section III will test students' general knowledge. The questions for CUET will mostly be from NCERT Class XII textbooks. Since it will be objective, only knowing the subject is not enough. Students need to practice, practice, and practice a lot.

Practice CUET General Test Mock Tests

CUET general test will have 75 questions out of which students have to attempt 60 multiple-choice questions. Practice CUET General Test Mock Tests and Model Question Papers that are available under the Entrance Exams - CUET (UG) section. The General Test includes multiple topics from basic general knowledge, current affairs, mental ability, numerical ability, quantitative reasoning, and logical & analytical reasoning. The mathematical questions will come from the school-level elementary syllabus only. However, students must be updated in terms of GK and current affairs. Students can practice and keep themselves updated through our CUET sample papers, which are specially designed for this purpose.

What is CUET General Test?

CUET general test is a common test. There is no option or alternative to it. It is applicable for all the courses that are not covered under domain tests or in most of the cases where it compliments the domain tests. This is the reason why General Test has become a common test in most cases (for any given undergraduate program/programs). This is the section where students can collect bonus marks by scoring well. They should definitely work for it to improve their overall score. Download the myCBSEguide App or visit the myCBSEguide Dashboard to access CUET practice questions. 

CUET General Test Marking Scheme and Duration

As discussed, there will be 60 questions for CUET General Test out of 75, each correct answer will be awarded five marks (+5) marks and an incorrect option marked will be given minus one mark (-1). The duration allotted for this section is 60 minutes or 1 hour. The best part is the total marks for the CUET General test will be 300, which is the maximum compared to any other section. Other sections have 200 marks each. This makes it even more interesting and worth practicing. 

CUET General Test Syllabus

So, let's see what the syllabus of the CUET General Test cover and which topics students need to prepare for.

CUET General Knowledge

General Knowledge is a common topic in almost all competitive and entrance exams. It usually comprises questions from Indian History, Civics, Geography, General Science, popular events, people, and places. We tend to underrate this section, as we know we have studied these earlier. But apparently, it is not possible to grasp all the topics under General Knowledge. So, the best way to prepare is to practice as many questions as possible. Practiced questions etch a mark differently which learning concepts won't.

CUET Current Affairs 

Current affair is another common section to test students' practical knowledge. It shows how aware a student is of various walks of life. There may be some 10-12 questions from this section which will be based on the latest news and Indian events and world affairs. This knowledge is not bookish. So to be up-to-date students must read newspapers daily and keep up their knowledge through various current affairs magazines and readers' digest.

CUET General Mental Ability

The mental ability questions are mostly from school-level Olympiad exams and most of the students are well aware of such questions. This makes this section seem to be an easy one. But they usually get stuck while writing the exam because of a lack of practice. Knowing things is not enough, you need to practice it in order to get deep down into the subject.  A little effort on such questions can help you score well.  

CUET Numerical Ability

This section is to test your speed and accuracy on basic mathematical operations. It includes very basic mathematical questions that are asked in competitive exams like SSC, Bank PO, Railways, etc. Practicing such questions through model test papers or by taking online mock tests will enable them to learn new tricks to solve such numerical in no time. Here, myCBSEguide is at your disposal. We have thousands of questions to practice. You can access them on the myCBSEguide App under the Entrance Exams – CUET (UG) section.

CUET Quantitative Reasoning

This section demands a simple application of basic mathematical concepts arithmetic/algebra geometry/mensuration /statistics of elementary level. Most of the students are acquainted with it. The only pinching point here is speed, which is why we suggest you is to work on the speed. You have only 1 minute per question. So, speed plays a big role. The only way to improve your speed is to practice more questions. You can get such types of questions on the myCBSEguide App which will come to your rescue.

CUET Logical and Analytical Reasoning

This section tests your analytical abilities. These days these questions have accrued attention as it is competency-based. One must not misunderstand logical and analytical reasoning as general mental ability.  Both are way different, Logical and analytical reasoning has questions that compel you to think logically and analyse. CUET logical reasoning part will have 10-12 questions in the CUET question paper. Such questions are very limited in any textbook. These questions, too, require practice because new questions will open up new facets of reasoning. So, it will be foolish to overlook this section.

Apart from CUET General tests, you can also get practice questions and mock tests for other subjects from the students' dashboard available under the Entrance Exams - CUET (UG) section.

Who is conducting CUET?

Many of us tend to think that since it is a central exam, the CBSE  must be conducting it. According to UGC Chairman, the National Testing Agency (NTA) has been assigned the job of conducting the CUCET (UG) 2022. NTA has been entrusted with the responsibility of conducting the CUET (UG) – 2022. The role of NTA is confined to the registration of candidates, issue of admit cards, the conduct of exams, hosting answer keys and inviting challenges, finalizing answer keys, process, and declaring results. Eligibility, reservation, admission, etc. are as per the rules and regulations of the respective Central University/ies/Participating Institutions. The NTA is likely to conduct CUET in the 1st week of July 2022. It will be an objective test and the questions will be in English and the languages chosen by the candidate.

Is CUET important for undergraduate courses?

Yes, it is. Only if you plan to get admitted to any of the Central Universities. Now class 12 marks will not be considered for admission to undergraduate courses. It is so because admission to undergraduate courses in Central Universities will be solely based on CUET 2022 (CUCET) scores. So, if you want to get into any of the Central Universities, you have to prepare well for CUET or CUCET.

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