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Class-12 Informatics Practices Revised syllabus 2015-16

CBSE class-12 Informatics Practices syllabus has been redesigned for the session 2015-16. The new revised syllabus is available for free download at myCBSEguide.com informatics Practices syllabus. Main changes are highlighted below : In Class XII: Unit: 1 Computer networking: Remote Access Software such as Team Viewer and Inscript is also included under this chapter. (Page … Read more

CBSE class-11 Informatics Practices New Syllabus 2015-16

CBSE has issued new revised syllabus for class-11 Informatics Practices for the session 2015-16. The syllabus is available for free download at myCBSEguide.com informatics practices syllabus. The main changes in the syllabus are highlighted below : Learning Objectives and competencies developed as mentioned in previous curriculum are merged into learning outcomes (Page No. 213) In … Read more

CBSE Sample Paper for class-12 Informatics Practices

Class-12 Informatics Practices IP sample Papers has been issued by CBSE for March 2015 examination. The 70 marks theory sample question paper has seven parent questions with many child questions. There are four units in class-12 Informatics Practices question paper : 1 Networking and Open Standards 10 Marks 2 Programming 25 marks 3 Relational Database Management System … Read more

Question Papers for Class-12 Board Exam 2013

CBSE class 12 Board Question papers for March 2013 Examination have been issued by CBSE.   Accountancy SET1 Accounting (Urdu Version) SET1 Advance food Preperation SET1 Agriculture SET1 Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration SET1 Applied Physics SET1 Arabic SET1 Auto Engineering SET1 Auto Shop Repair and Practice SET1 Basic Design(Common to Textile Design Weaving) SET1 Beauty Therapy … Read more

CBSE Sample papers for 2013 for class 9, 10 and 12

CBSE Sample papers for 2013, CBSE sample papers for class 9 SA-II (Term-2) and class 10 Sample papers for SA-II (Term-2) has been issued by CBSE with new revised syllabus for both class 9 and class 10. CBSE latest Sample papers and syllabus for class 12 has been issued by CBSE official website. CBSE.NIC.IN and … Read more

CBSE Syllabus 2011 Informatics Practices Class XI and XII

INFORMATICS PRACTICES (Code 065) Classes XI-XII Learning Objectives: To gain working knowledge of a computer system and peripherals To understand the application development process. To gain programming skills in front-end application development To gain skills in Database Creation and querying using ANSI SQL. To design, program and develop database driven web applications using GUI Programming … Read more

CBSE Syllabus for 2010-2011 Available for Download

CBSE Syllabus for 2010-2011 as prescribed by Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi for class 11th and 12th is available for FREE download. This is FREE download in PDF format for personal use. You are advised to keep in touch with www.myCBSEguide.com for latest updates and modifications in CBSE syllabus 2010-2011. CBSE Latest Syllabus … Read more

CBSE Test Papers for class 11 based on NCERT

CBSE Test Papers for class 11 according to the latest syllabus prescribed by Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi for year 2009-2010 have been uploaded at www.mycbseguide.com for FREE download.

CBSE Test Papers for class 11


These are Class Test Papers, Unit Test Papers, Term End Exam Papers, Half Yearly Exam Papers and Annual Examination Papers of various KV and public schools affiliated to CBSE. These free to download Test Papers are submitted by site users.

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Modification in the course of Informatics Practices

With the advancement of Information Technology and emerging open source software technologies, the syllabus for Informatics Practices in Senior Secondary classes for the board examinations to be held in 2011 onwards was revised and already incorporated in the curriculum 2011 document.   The highlights of the changes effected are as follows:

Class XI
Unit I: Introduction to computer systems with hardware concepts and software concepts in place of computer system and Business Applications

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