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CBSE Test Papers for class 11 based on NCERT

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CBSE Test Papers for class 11 according to the latest syllabus prescribed by Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi for year 2009-2010 have been uploaded at www.mycbseguide.com for FREE download.

CBSE Test Papers for class 11


These are Class Test Papers, Unit Test Papers, Term End Exam Papers, Half Yearly Exam Papers and Annual Examination Papers of various KV and public schools affiliated to CBSE. These free to download Test Papers are submitted by site users.

Right now CBSE Test Papers for following subjects are available for FREE download :

1. English Core (4 Test Papers)
2. Physics (4 Test Papers)
3. Chemistry (5 Test Papers)
4. Mathematics (8 Test Papers)
5. Computer Science (4 Test Papers)
6. Informatics Practices (2 Test Papers)
7. Accountancy, Business Studies, History and Hindi (single set)

Visit http://mycbseguide.com/download/466/ to download these papers.

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  1. dis CCE system is useful as well as really a disaster for students but life has to go on……so lets face all these difficulties with smile……anyways these papers are very helpful

  2. i want to download class 9 sciene and english sample papers or model papers……………… please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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