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Problem Solving Assessment (PSA) for Class IX in the second term

It is a widely acknowledged fact that research and analytical skills, ability to apply basic concepts of different subjects, solve application based problems in Mathematics and Science, comprehend and analyse written text and effective communication are the skills which ensure success in Higher Studies and Professional areas.These dimensions of 21st Century life skills will greatly assist learners in acquiring higher order thinking skills such as Problem Solving and Decision Making.
It is in this connection that the Board is planning to initiate a `Problem Solving Assessment’ (CBSE-PSA) for students of Classes IX from the second term of this session 2012-13.

The features of the ‘Problem Solving Assessment’ (CBSE-PSA) will be as follows: –

1. It will be compulsory for all students of Classes IX and carry 90 marks. There will be 60 items of MCQ type.

2. It will assess the following areas:-

  • Quantitative Reasoning (found in mathematics, science and technology)
  • Qualitative Reasoning (found in humanities, arts and social sciences)
  • Language Conventions

There is no specific syllabus for Problem Solving Assessment (CBSE-PSA).

3. The items will incorporate aspects of 21 Century Skills (Creative Thinking, Decision Making, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Communication) that leads to success at Secondary Stage. They should be able to assess student’s ability to process, interpret and use information rather than assess student’s prior subject matter knowledge.

4. The Assessment will contain items that will assess written expression, including grammar and usage, vocabulary in context and passage-completion.

5. The test items will be so designed that they will also help in improving scores within the core school subjects as the Problem Solving Assessment test items are designed to improve generic and higher order thinking skills.

6. The items will be able to assess students ability. The test items will be so designed that they will also help in improving scores within the core school subjects as the Problem Solving Assessment test items are designed to improve the generic skills.

7. The ‘Problem Solving Assessment’ (CBSE-PSA) will be done during the month of January – February 2013 for students of Class IX. The ‘Problem Solving Assessment’ (CBSE-PSA) will be counted towards FA-4 which is 10% of total assessments of Class IX.

8. This assessment will also be carried forward towards the FA-4 in Class X. This score will be reflected in one Language( English or Hindi), Mathematics, Science and Social Science w.e.f the session 2012-2013 for Class IX and 2013 – 14 for Class X. The same score will be reflected in FA-4 for class IX and Class X.

9. The students will have the option to improve their PSA Score in Class X, as they can sit for the test with Class IX students of the Session 2013-2014 in January – February 2014. The best scores will be reflected in the final certificate in case of those applying for improvement.

10. The schools which have already planned their time table and other details regarding FA-4 will take the best scores of FA-3 and FA-4 to count towards the total 10%, now available for FA-3 and FA-4 taken together.

11. There will be no separate time tables or periods for teaching or practice of PSA in schools.

Format Class XI Development Numbers for Items and Passages for the 2 forms of the CBSE-PSA

Test Context Domain/ Item Type

Target No. per Test Form

No. of Items

No. of PassagesTotal No. of Items


  • Stand-alone MCQs
  • Passage-based MCQs








  • Stand-alone MCQs
  • Passage-based MCQs







Language Conventions

  • Grammar & Usage MCQs
  • Vocabulary in Context MCQs
  • Passage-completion MCQs










For details visit CBSE circular PSA

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74 thoughts on “Problem Solving Assessment (PSA) for Class IX in the second term”

  1. By adopting CCE System, Govt. is playing with the future of India. Bad results will come after some years. This System will be a flop show.

  2. Everything has its pros and cons. Analyze the situation thoroghly and you will observe that CCE has helped much. Suicide rates due to bad marks are down by 70 %

  3. CCE is the best type of education system which is really trying to give us a foreign type of education.CCE has helped students to decrease pressure and learn most of the things practically which is much more important than rot learning.
    mithilesh kumar gave a comment that this system is a flop but mithilesh our previous education system was a big flop..

    this type of education was implemented in many countries years before and they developed much more than india. But here the boring type of education was still continuing till last year………..


  5. think it is good in a sence. india is copying us in educational system. but it needs many improvements.

  6. CCE is somewhat o.k . but the idea of PSA is creating brden for us . I don’t think we would gt a good score without sample papers………………………………

  7. CBSE creating hurdles in the school eduction. People working at the direction of ministry of eduction are thought less. They are a failure in understanding the mindset of the students and the system of eduction. They are adopting the measures to waste the time and money of the students, parents and teachers. It will over durden the minds of the students and will create a chaos in education. It will not be benefitical for the country.

  8. i think this is really going to be very hard for the students to cover both psa ans SA2 portions. this is not really good and they are giving too much of pressure on us. i guess they think that we are robots

  9. It is a good step taken by cbse. But need a lot of cooperation from the school.
    Students can use their IQ.It is difficult to find out the PSA easily.NET is not simplest way.

  10. It is a nice step taken by CBSE .It can develop the IQ of students.But need a hearty
    cooperation the school authority.NET is not a simplest way to get PSA.

  11. its only over burdening the teachers and students as well…. it would be difficult for the students to cover their syllabus… only waste of time

  12. it will a very big pressure for all children.. and it’s the waste of time . students can’t cover the portions for psa.. psa is very cruality to the students…

  13. This will be good for students because by this exam they will how to make best use of their brain…………

  14. PSA test should be held after the exam of SA-2, as a result student will feel relax and they can give their best perfomance in PSA and SA-2

  15. CCE is just a burden on students,it would be difficult for the children to cover the syllabus of both SA-2 and PSA. Children are wasting time in making projects everyday, despite studying.

  16. aa kis ne banaye a cbse study jabak pagal karte holidays 10 hundiya ne kam saal vala das dinde ne hun dasso

  17. cbse is making systems blindly !
    how can one manage to prepare for psa and at the same time sa-2!

  18. CBSE is not helping the students by doing this but just putting additional pressure on them. They are making life miserable for not only the students in India but also for the students studing elsewhere in the world.

  19. i dont understand this !!! already there is a lot of burden of SA-2 exams and now this PSA is also added…just total waste of time and everything related to studies !! it is of no use but just a burden on students !!!

  20. I think we should prepare with a positive thinking so that it would help us in many tough entrance examinations…..

  21. The whole idea of revamping the CBSE curriculum was to reduce pressure on students. Instead the burden has increased on students, teachers and Parents. In the previous system the students worried only in the 10th std. Now the pressure starts from 9th and doesn’t end till the 12 th std. Wonder how Mr. Sibal thinks that the pressure on students has decreased? They are playing with the the future of lakhs of students.

  22. why cbse is taking wrong decisions of this psa exam why do they want the childrean 2 fail or what they do not know the pattern also cbse is a boon 2 child

  23. its jst a wast of time and burden on students finals are coming and we have to waste our time on psa now!!!! but why???

  24. It seems that CBSE is trying to ease the pressure of curriculum from the teachers and the syllabus setters. The best scapegoat for the purpose are the students, who are also victimized in the name of educational reforms. HRD ministry should consider this and make the curriculum more effective with quality. These terms SA or PSA only haunts them.
    A Parent.

  25. Due introduction of cce and PSA the educational prkcess has got cofused and conflict in both teachers and students mind, CBSE HAS MADE STUDENTS EPERIMENTAL ANIMALS, no out put, lowering eductional standard, it is asoptiong a edu, system rejected by U S A long back

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