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No PSA Exam for CBSE Classes IX and XI

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No PSA Exam for CBSE, CBSE will not conduct PSA exams from this session for class-9 and class-11 students. Giving big relief to students currently studying in classes IX and XI, CBSE has officially dropped the Problem Solving Assessment from session 2015-16. However, students currently studying in class-10 and wish to improve their last year PSA score, can appear in last PSA exam that will be conducted only for students currently studying in class-10.

No PSA Exam for CBSE




In further continuation to letter no. CBSE/ASCOORD/FASA Data dated 30th Oct 2015 it is clarified that schools may conduct FA4 in accordance with the CCE scheme. For present students of Class X (2015-16) the best of score obtained in FA4 (Class X 2015-16) and PSA (Class IX 2014-15) will be reflected against FA4 in both class IX and X.


Thus, it is finally a GOOD BYE to PSA exams and schools are instructed to conduct FA-4 in place of PSA from this year onward.

The detailed circular can be downloaded from CBSE official website here No PSA exam for class-9 and class-11 Now.


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