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Material for Open Text-based Assessment (OTBA) for classes IX and XI 2013-14

The new Open Book Exam will be taken alongwith March 2014 examination. CBSE has issued material for open-text-based assessment (OTBA) for classes 9th and 11th for March 2014 examination. Sample Questions are also given along with the text material. Download open text based assessment material using the link below :

Open Text Material for Class IX  

Open Text Material for Class XI

The following may please be noted in this regard:

  • The given Open text material is for use in Summative Assessment II of Class IX, and Annual Examination of Class XI, 2014.
  • The Hindi versions of the open text material will also be uploaded very soon.
  • Each text material includes sample questions.

The concerned teachers are expected to read, discuss and analyze them with regard to:

  • their objectives and outcomes
  • concepts involved and their application
  • description, further explanation and further exploration of the case/ problem/ situation involved.
  • higher order thinking skills involved, and
  • analysis from different perspectives

They should assign this text material to their students in groups for further understanding, analysis and discussion. It is reiterated here that the main objective of introducing OTBA is to relieve the students from the burden of mugging up of content and provide opportunities in acquiring skills of information processing, comprehension, analysis and inference. The teachers should guide them, provide feedback and encourage open responses in solving situations. The Text also gives some questions as samples.
The teachers should develop more such questions which are based on the given text but require answers through application of concepts, further extrapolation, comparison and inference


  • thankkkkkkkkkkkkkk uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu for the material . i wasnt able to get it anywhere but finally i found it here. i dont like the concept of otba . first they gave us psa then finals then novel then yyyyyy otba . is indian education all about burdening a child and stuffing things in our mind.whats the need of otba????? i dont understand it. it will not help us through any difficult times of our career. cbse should take reviewfrom the students and then experiment something!!!!!! god give them some brains.

  • CBSE says this will decrease the stress of memorising things on students as students will be able make answers using the material in their own way, so their will be no one fixed answer.
    As long as your answer contains main details, the teacher has to give marks, and the teaher will have to be open about the students’s view, the can’t not give marks because their view was different

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