Grading system in CBSE from next session

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Central Board of Secondary Education is going to introduce grading system for all classes from next session that is year 2009-2010. This announcement was made by Sh. Vineet Joshi, secretary of the CBSE during National Sahodaya conference of principals, held recently at Bhopal.

The students who will pass their class 10 board examination in March 2010 will be awarded grades at the place of Marks. It will be implemented in classes 7, 8, 9, 11 and 12 also.

The grading system in schools was recommended many times earlier too.  But due to one another reason it was not implemented.Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan is giving grades to the primary classes for last few years but it was not there for other classes. Some of the educational institutions in India were providing grades at the place of Marks.

The official announcement about implementation of grading system in CBSE board classes is an appreciable step. This news is published in

12 thoughts on “Grading system in CBSE from next session”

  1. It is very interestign to know that the CBSE has taken steps in improving the educational patterns like introducingthe grading for the board exams. This is one way the pressure will be off the students and another way the students dont drop out.
    But if this is going to be implemented for the 12th standard then how does the colleges adapt to this when the CBSE candidate appears for admission to engineering / medical courses? How will the candidates face the state board students ? Are they at par.

    These questions will need to be also considered when they compete with other candidates while goign for admission to courses. Neverthless, it is very exciting to know that the chidlren will not be burdened.

  2. This is interesting to know about grading system.This will help to weaker students and i’m against grading system for 12th standard .

  3. in CBSE offcial site, the grading system is different than this.
    95-100, 91-94, etc. which one is correct and current???

  4. there should be no grading system in 12 standard as grading in 12 reduces the competition and will take their studies lightly,we should be against it ,if you are also against it ,do write about it and protest against it.

  5. it’s not good previosly marks were shown and we can know that how mch v got bt in dis if v got b2 grade den can u identify that u hve got 80 or in 70s dere will b no fear in d studens n d mst foolish thin is dat dy declared that give or not now education esy competetion more

  6. i m nt happy with the cce system as if u r sending Q. papers from ootside then they should be checked from there only .

    plzzzzzzz kidly pay attention 2 this request.

  7. It d worst decision taken up by the education department n d concerned authorities as grading system will demorolise those meritorious students who deserve 2 b on d NINETH CLOUD not only dis,but also d spirit of a tuff n healthy competition will get decreased.Avaerage students will take dr studies casualy.
    I hope dt CBSE will consider both d sides of d coin.
    I request all students to raise dr voice n protest against it

  8. Grading system: I am not satisfied with this becz this would make tenzed in 12th std. outside Q.papers and outside correction can be avoided and i request u avoid this plsssss as soon as possible 

  9. As per cbse rule my daughter has given class 8th exam and the school authirity has given her for pre test in english and science butshe is passed in science and maths in overall but she secure E1 grade in SA2 in english and E1 grade in SA2 in science.please give me correct information about cbse rule.

  10. I am not satisfied with this stupid grading system as if i score 32 it will be b1&people also think that my marks where from 28-32.Marking system is much better……………………

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