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CBSE Sample Papers class 10 Math for 2017-18

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CBSE Sample Papers class 10 Math for 2017-18 -in PDF

CBSE Sample Papers class 10 Math for 2017-18 has been released by myCBSEguide. These model question papers with solution are available exclusively for myCBSEguide app users. These sample question papers will certainly help students to prepare well for March 2018 board exam.

CBSE Sample Papers format

This year, CBSE has resumed annual board exam pattern. Questions will be asked from the whole textbook from chapter-1 to chapter-15. There will be total 30 questions in class 10 Mathematics out of which 6 are one marker, 6 are two markers, 10 are three markers and 8 are four marker questions. There will be one value based question from the inherited text for 4 marks. No internal choice is given in the question paper.

Download Class 10 Maths Sample Papers

Class 10 Mathematics have following question paper format for session 2017-18 and CBSE board exam to be conducted in March 2018.

Question TypeNumber of Questions
1 Mark6
2 Marks6
3 Marks10
4 Marks8

Thus, students have to attempt 30 questions in 3 hours for 80 marks. The remaining 20 marks will be given by School under internal assessment as below:

  1. Periodical tests – 10 Marks
  2. Notebook submission – 5 Marks
  3. Lab Practical – 5 marks

How to Download CBSE Sample Papers

To download class 10 Maths sample papers for March 2018 board exam, just install myCBSEguide app from google play store and open class 10 – Mathematics – CBSE sample papers in app. Here you will find both mobile view and download option for these question papers.

CBSE Sample Papers class 10 Math for 2017-18

Difficulty Level of Maths Question Paper

The difficulty level of the question paper is almost same as last year. This year, there will be only one evaluation type question and only 5 HOTS questions having 17% weightage. Whereas 54% weightage is given to remembering and understanding based questions. There will be only 24% application based questions. Thus, the overall difficulty level of the question paper is moderate.

Question TypePercent of Questions

Unit-wise Distribution of Marks

Here is the unit-wise distribution of marks for class 10 Mathematics as per the latest CBSE syllabus and marking scheme for the session 2017-18. CBSE sample papers for 2017-18 are based on this format only:

Unit wise marks Distribution

UnitsUnit NameTotal Weightage (80 marks)
  VI          MENSURATION10

myCBSEguide is working on model question papers for class 9 and class 10 and all of them are being updated for the session 2017-2018. We expect most of the CBSE sample papers will be made available on myCBSEguide.com website and mobile app (myCBSEguide) very soon.

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