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CBSE Upgraded Grades by one Level in Class 10

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In CBSE Class 10 this year onwards, you may have noticed written ** Upgraded Grades by one Level. This is a new policy under CCE system of examination that if a student gets good grades in extra-curricular activities, he/she will be upgraded one level in upto two main subjects.

A student who gets A+ in all the categories of co-scholastic areas included in the report card will earn 42 grade points according to the scale.


Part 2 A : Life Skills
GradesThinking SkillsSocial SkillsEmotional SkillsTotal Points


Part 2 B : Attitudes and values
GradesTeachersSchool-matesSchool ProgrammesEnvironmentValue SystemTotal Points



Part 3 A : Co-Scholastic Activities (any two)
GradesLiteracy and Creative skills, ClubsScientific skills and Aesthetic SkillsTotal Points


Part 3 B : Health and physical education (any two)
GradesSports/ Indigenous sports/ NCC / NSS/ Scouting and GuidingSwimming/ Gymnastics/ Yoga/ First Aid/  Gardening/ShramdaanTotal Points


The system will work as below :

Those students who get total grade points in the range 34-42, may benefit by getting upgraded to the next higher grade in two subjects in scholastic areas.


Those students who get total grade points in the range 19-33, may benefit by getting upgraded to the next higher grade in one subject in scholastic areas.


If a student gets less than 19 total grade points in co-scholastic areas, separate remark may be made in the report card stating that participation and achievement in co-scholastic areas needs improvement. However, this should not affect the student’s promotion to higher class.


A star may be put on every up-scaled grade to indicate that the final grade has been arrived after including the achievement of the student in co-scholastic areas. A footnote in this regard may be given at appropriate place in the report card.


The benefit of up scaling the grade in different subjects may start from the subject in which a student obtains lowest grade followed by next higher grade and so on.


Benefit   shall    be    given   to   the    students    who   win   I/II    positions/prizes in competitions   held   at     state   level   and/or   participation   in   competitions   held   at national/international   level   organized    by   a   body    recognized by the state/central Government /CBSE.   Any     competition organized   by   such   agencies related to the co-Scholastic   areas included in the Board’s CCE Card may be considered for giving this benefit.  Those    students   who qualify under this provision will benefit by getting their grade up-scaled to the next higher grade in two subjects provided this benefit has not been given to the student under the aforesaid grade point scheme.

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101 thoughts on “CBSE Upgraded Grades by one Level in Class 10”

  1. Sir,
    what is meant by one level up gradation of grades?
    Does it mean that if a person gets overall grade A2 in a particular subject and by virtue of non-scholastic grade points that particular subject will be awarded A1*????.Please clarify.

  2. what is meant by one level up gradation of grades?Does it mean that if a person gets overall grade A2 in a particular subject and by virtue of co-scholastic grade points that particular subject will be awarded A1*????.Please clarify.NRMRAO 

  3. It is seen in many school that the evaluation system is not fare. the student who attend tution in their respective subject teachers gets better marks and responce and thoose who take tution with other teaches. What are the methodology adopted to check such favourism by theteacher?

  4. board has given upgradation in optional subject instead of main subject. It is right. my son has got upgradation in maths and punjabi(Optional subject intead of another main subject. this causes him lesser grade in main subjects and lesser CGPA. while in this circular board has mentioned the word main subjects. Kindly advise me should this be corrected

  5. plz tell me that i have got cgpa 6.0 $im math i hve got c1 grade &in sci. i hve got c1** can school give me math science or not…………………………..

  6. what is meant by one level up gradation of grades?
    Does it mean that if a person gets overall grade A2 in a particular subject and by virtue of non-scholastic grade points that particular subject will be awarded A1*????.Please clarify

  7. what is meant by one level up gradation of grades?
    Does it mean that if a person gets overall grade A2 in a particular subject and by virtue of non-scholastic grade points that particular subject will be awarded A1*????.Please clarify.

  8. whether upgradation is applicable for all the subjects ?????whether a person who get 83/100 will also get a1

  9. i have got upscaled grade in english and hindi but i want it in science so that my A2 in science becomes A1 is it possible?

  10. My son got Grade B in Part2 A Life Skills in Xth final exam Apr,2012 (this year), He participated in almost every activity of school including sports/clubs etc. Received prizes also. In studying also he scored A or A+ from 1st std. till today. Can we get a revised Mark List for PART 2 A Grading, Who descides this grade whether school or board ?
    Kindy reply on urgent basis. Iam from Mangalore

  11. I am a student who appeared Board conducted exam SSE 2012. My Part 2 A ,2B, 3A,3B(Non- scholastic ), grades are comparatively low and as   I have participated in almost all activities  and won Ist prize in  arts and sports. We have already given a written request to the school authorities along with the copies of my certificates supporting the same  . What is the next step that I need to take so that my non-scholastic grade can be revised ? Kindly give me an urgent reply.

  12. hi my name is rajwinder kaur my roll no .i 2215459 dob 1 feb 1996 pls send me my total marks of all subjects my cgpa 9.8 what is its mean

  13. Can a School send a revised Grades for Co-Schoolatic activities like Life Skills to Board, if earlier data sent contain mistakes or errors or typical errors while uploading from School.

  14. sir i am kaushik vishnudas i rfect in am just 9th pass & entered into 10th i am very poor in studies & i am perfect in extra culcular activies, can we buy board question papers for 10th summative 2 plz say me or give me the proper way to get 10 points with out studying

  15. main subjects that is maths or science…if you get A* in those..then they will upgrade other subjects like languages or SST

  16. you can’t get 10 CGPA as you have B1 in sanskrit….it can be A2 if it will be upgraded…….so you’ll get 10CGPA

  17. Please tell me that i had got Summative assesment a2 and in fa a1 in maths what will me final grade

  18. i got {A} in every feild and i got no upgradation my total is 30. where as with same gradeand same total my friend got upgradation in 2 subjects ! how it is possible please clarify………… please be soon.

  19. u have to multiply ur cgpa points with 9.5.. for eg: 9 cgpa* 9.5=85%
    this is the method to calculate…..

  20. yes i also wnt to know abt this……….i have the same query……………whoevr knows properly………pls ans it guys!

  21. if i get 9.6 cgpa………….can i get 10 cgpa with the help of upgradation?? please clarify me…….

  22. If I have
    A2 in hindi, english, science, math. and a1 in S.Sc in SA1
    and i would get A1 in all the subject in SA2 .
    then could i get 10cgpa ….
    please reply

  23. what if I get a1 in all the subjects but one …. and my grade points are in the 34-42 range, will the same subject get upgraded twice???

  24. i have all a1 in sa1 but i think i have a2 in hindi and maths….. will i get a1 in both at final results?????????? i have a1 in all co curricular activity………..

  25. true..!! the teachers gives lenient checking to those students who takes tuition frm them..every1 should be equally treated..

  26. I got a2 grades in all subjects overall in class IX and got overall A2 grades In X term 1 as well.Can anyone approximately predict my overall result in cgpa?? Pls help

  27. ”So true…………. ! i have also become a victim of this method adopted by some teachers of my institution………”

  28. If in my 10th grade results I get transfer case it is pass or I have to repid the 10th again ? Plz reply

  29. if i get A2 in English B1 in Hindi A1 in maths A1 in science B1 in sst then what cgpa will i get with upgrading

  30. I am swastik. I got A1 in 4 subjects and A2 in two. Will those two subjects of mine be upgraded to A1 or only one will be upgraded. Please reply and will I get cgpa10 ?

  31. Hey can someone clarify my doubt.I scored a b1 in maths in sa1 but have 2 a1 in fa1 and fa2..so what will be my overall grade of first term.

  32. Hii Guyzz,,
    If i get A1 in four subjects and A2 in one[overall] , It will be upgrade to A1.Will i get CGPA 10 in tenth class report…and will i be eligible for merit certificate given by the board????…..

  33. Hey i got 7.4 cgpa in my SA1 exams total.
    Do i have a chance to get 9.0-9.4 cgpa in my class 10 total results?

  34. my school didnt upgraded our grades and our grades without upgradation were sent to board, is their any chance to upgrade our grades.

  35. I Played national but did not win any prize so,can i get any advantages to playing national in my class 10 results

  36. i have got A1 in english,maths,science,social science, but in hindi A2 can i get 10 cgpa

    due to upgradation

  37. i think i would score a2 in maths and science and a1 in sst english hindi and regional language . can a2 be upgraded to a1 ? will this make my 10 cgpa in sa2 class 10 th ?

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