CBSE Upgraded Grades by one Level in Class 10

In CBSE Class 10 this year onwards, you may have noticed written ** Upgraded Grades by one Level. This is a new policy under CCE system of examination that if a student gets good grades in extra-curricular activities, he/she will be upgraded one level in upto two main subjects.

A student who gets A+ in all the categories of co-scholastic areas included in the report card will earn 42 grade points according to the scale.


Part 2 A : Life Skills
Grades Thinking Skills Social Skills Emotional Skills Total Points
A+ 5 5 5 15
A 4 4 4 12
B+ 3 3 3 9
B 2 2 2 6
C 1 1 1 3


Part 2 B : Attitudes and values
Grades Teachers School-mates School Programmes Environment Value System Total Points
A+ 3 3 3 3 3 15
A 2 2 2 2 2 10
B 1 1 1 1 1 5



Part 3 A : Co-Scholastic Activities (any two)
Grades Literacy and Creative skills, Clubs Scientific skills and Aesthetic Skills Total Points
A+ 3 3 6
A 2 2 4
B 1 1 2


Part 3 B : Health and physical education (any two)
Grades Sports/ Indigenous sports/ NCC / NSS/ Scouting and Guiding Swimming/ Gymnastics/ Yoga/ First Aid/  Gardening/Shramdaan Total Points
A+ 3 3 6
A 2 2 4
B 1 1 2


The system will work as below :

Those students who get total grade points in the range 34-42, may benefit by getting upgraded to the next higher grade in two subjects in scholastic areas.


Those students who get total grade points in the range 19-33, may benefit by getting upgraded to the next higher grade in one subject in scholastic areas.


If a student gets less than 19 total grade points in co-scholastic areas, separate remark may be made in the report card stating that participation and achievement in co-scholastic areas needs improvement. However, this should not affect the student’s promotion to higher class.


A star may be put on every up-scaled grade to indicate that the final grade has been arrived after including the achievement of the student in co-scholastic areas. A footnote in this regard may be given at appropriate place in the report card.


The benefit of up scaling the grade in different subjects may start from the subject in which a student obtains lowest grade followed by next higher grade and so on.


Benefit   shall    be    given   to   the    students    who   win   I/II    positions/prizes in competitions   held   at     state   level   and/or   participation   in   competitions   held   at national/international   level   organized    by   a   body    recognized by the state/central Government /CBSE.   Any     competition organized   by   such   agencies related to the co-Scholastic   areas included in the Board’s CCE Card may be considered for giving this benefit.  Those    students   who qualify under this provision will benefit by getting their grade up-scaled to the next higher grade in two subjects provided this benefit has not been given to the student under the aforesaid grade point scheme.

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78 Responses to “CBSE Upgraded Grades by one Level in Class 10”

  1. Ranjeet Singh says:

    If I have
    A2 in hindi, english, science, math. and a1 in S.Sc in SA1
    and i would get A1 in all the subject in SA2 .
    then could i get 10cgpa ….
    please reply

  2. Kautilya Katiha says:

    hooorrray… :)
    I am vry glad to hear bout this……..
    thanxx CBSE

  3. tensionmaster says:

    what if I get a1 in all the subjects but one …. and my grade points are in the 34-42 range, will the same subject get upgraded twice???

  4. Rahul Tiwari says:

    Yes surely

  5. Rahul Tiwari says:

    Ya You Can

  6. Rahul Tiwari says:


  7. vidushi says:

    IF I get 84 out of 90 in sa2 then by up gradation can I get A1

  8. su says:

    in how many subjects is upgradation done?

  9. X says:

    upgrading will also be done for non-board students?

  10. akahkoa says:

    chup raho…

  11. Bibun says:

    If i get a1 in four subject and a2 in one subject , can i get cgpa 10?

  12. rohith says:

    i have all a1 in sa1 but i think i have a2 in hindi and maths….. will i get a1 in both at final results?????????? i have a1 in all co curricular activity………..

  13. rohith says:

    a2 in sa2

  14. priyanka says:

    true..!! the teachers gives lenient checking to those students who takes tuition frm them..every1 should be equally treated..

  15. priyanka says:

    omg..! i think ur not here fr pointing out errors in everyone..!

  16. Pranav says:

    If u get 84 out of 90 then you have already secured A1 grade.

  17. Pranav says:

    Upgradation takes place from the subject in which You have secured the least marks.

  18. Pranav says:

    I got a2 grades in all subjects overall in class IX and got overall A2 grades In X term 1 as well.Can anyone approximately predict my overall result in cgpa?? Pls help

  19. Rufus says:

    hi guys
    if i get A2 in all subjects what would be my cgpa after upgradation?
    pls help me

  20. mhgftstu says:

    ”So true…………. ! i have also become a victim of this method adopted by some teachers of my institution………”

  21. Shiva says:

    I get B** to two subjects ……then that is my orginal grade or B1 is my orginal grade?????

  22. P.RAJA GOPAL says:


  23. vishevendra says:

    Is that any effect 0f 9 class marks in 10 class result.

  24. ????? ?????? says:

    If in my 10th grade results I get transfer case it is pass or I have to repid the 10th again ? Plz reply

  25. rakesh kumar says:

    what is the meaning of double star

  26. sk says:

    if i get A2 in English B1 in Hindi A1 in maths A1 in science B1 in sst then what cgpa will i get with upgrading

  27. Anubhav says:

    Are computer marks also included in calculating the cgpa of class 9 and 10? Please reply

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