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CBSE class 11-12 Computer Science Syllabus Python Language option

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As you are aware the Central Board of Secondary Education has published modified curriculum for Computer Science (subject code 083) on its website and introduced Python Language in class XI for session 2013-14 instead of C++. However, as per the feedback received from the teaching fraternity and keeping their comfort level in mind the Board has decided that schools may continue to teach C++ (i.e. Unit 2 and Unit 4 of the book covering C++) in grade XI for session 2013 – 14 or they may choose Python Language (unit 3 and unit 4 covering python) instead of C++ if they feel comfortable with the language. Kindly visit myCBSEguide news and update section.

Python Language


Computer Science (Subject code 083) Class XI for session 2013 – 14
Units to be covered under each option (also see annexure ‘A’)

 With C++ as a language option With Python as a language option
Unit IComputer FundamentalsUnit IComputer Fundamentals
Unit IIIntroduction to C++Unit IIProgramming Methodology
Unit IIIProgramming MethodologyUnit IIIIntroduction to Python
Unit IVProgramming in C++Unit IVProgramming in Python

*Contents of Unit I, Unit III (in case of C++) and unit II (in case of Python) are common in both options.

This change is however not applicable for current batch of class XII writing exam in session 2013-14. (also see annexure ‘B’) Who will continue to follow the curriculum document of 2014.
However grade XII batch of session 2014-15 will write the exam based on the language selected in class XI. If they have selected C++ in grade XI they will continue to study the same in grade XII. However if the school has switched over to python in grade XI the child will continue to study python in grade XII as well.

Computer Science (Subject code 083) Class XII for session 2014 – 15
Units to be covered under each option (also see annexure ‘C’)

With C++ as a language optionWith Python as a language option
Unit IObject Oriented

rogramming in C++

Unit IProgramming with Python
Unit IIData StructuresUnit IIObject Oriented

Programming with Python

Unit IIIDatabase Management System and SQLUnit IIIDatabases and SQL
Unit IVBoolean AlgebraUnit IVBoolean Algebra
Unit VNetworking and Open Source


Unit VCommunication


*Contents of Unit III, IV and Unit V are largely common in both options.
*Sample question papers in case of both the language options will be available by October 2013.
*Study Material regarding Python Language will be available on the CBSE website www.cbseacademic.in under the head Training Innovation and Research under Teacher’s Resources. This study material may be referred by students and teachers both. CBSE will not be printing this material in the current academic year. Also note that all the schools must strictly adhere to this study material and teachers must teach accordingly.

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6 thoughts on “CBSE class 11-12 Computer Science Syllabus Python Language option”

  1. A good change for better. But JAVA inclusion could have been better than PYTHON. Best wishes, Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra (Author), Comp. Sc. for CBSE/ ISC/ ICSE.

  2. Well ! No problem in teaching PYTHON in place of C++ in XI and XII class CBSE . This will certainly increase the fobidden gap between XII class and higher studies ( engineering ) concepts . This is where I feel we put students to loss .

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