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CBSE Class-9 Syllabus for 2013-14

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CBSE class IX syllabus for 2013-14 for English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Sanskrit, French, Home Science, Foundation of Information Technology, Hindustani Music, Carnatic Music and painting has been added to the download section of myCBSEguide.com. This latest syllabus as issued by Central Board of Secondary Education is available for FREE download at both CBSE official website and http://myCBSEguide.com.

As per the new guidelines issued by CBSE from 2013-4, there will be some value based questions in each term and one 7 mark question in each term will be open text based on case studies that will be provided in advance to the students. The main purpose of adding the open text question is to check the analytic ability and higher order thinking skills in students.

To download the syllabus, select your class from left menu bar and click on the desired subject in http://myCBSEguide.com

Direct Link to Download Class-9 Syllabus

CBSE Syllabus for both SA-1 and SA-2 is included in this download file.

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10 thoughts on “CBSE Class-9 Syllabus for 2013-14”

  1. yeh site faltu hai yaha par syllabus hi nahi milta to aur kuch kya milega pagal hai vo log jinhone is site ko banaya hai pagalo sharam nahi aati bechhare baccho ko pareshhan karte hue . beraham kaheke

  2. Please let us know which syllabus are you searching for. We will provide you direct link to the download page. However the link provided above shows syllabus for all subject. We have reported more than 50 thousand successful downloads through this link.

  3. Hi guyzz….. I am also class 9th student…..I like studies but truly saying class 9 books are so bore…. 😛 i mean yaar bikul interest nhi hai books mein of this class……

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