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CBSE Changed Format of Class 12 Maths Question Paper 2017

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Class 12 Maths format changed. Are you in class 12 ! It is very important news for you !! CBSE has changed the format of class-12 Mathematics question paper. The new format and sample paper based on this format is available for download in CBSE official website and myCBSEguide.com.

CBSE Class 12 Mathematics Sample Paper-06 (2016-17 by CBSE)

Note: We are updating sample paper No.01 to 05 in a day or two. Please download only sample paper-06 for now.

It is an unexpected change in the mid of session when students and teachers have already started preparing as per the previous marking scheme. Still, it seems and good decision as the new marking scheme will definitely help students to score better marks.

Here is the list of changes made this year in the question paper of class-12 Mathematics:

Introduced 2 mark Questions:  In earlier format there were only 1, 4 and 6 mark questions. Now CBSE has introduced 2 mark questions. It will help those who used to loose marks just because they could not solved 4 or 6 mark questions completely.


No. of questions

Old format

New format












Total questions26



Thus, total number of question increased from 26 to 29. There will be only six long questions this year. 4 markers are reduced to 11 from 13 previous year.

Question paper made easy: The question paper is a bit easy now. HOTS and Evaluation based questions are reduced to 10% each from 15% each last year. The ratio of questions in understanding is increased to 35% from 22% last year. Even application based questions will be only 25%. Last year 29% questions were asked from application based topics.

The new ratio of easy average and difficult will be 20% easy, 60% average and 20% difficult.


Internal Choice between questions: In new pattern, there will be no overall choice in the question paper. However, 30% internal choices will be given in 4 marks and 6 marks questions.

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