Case Study Questions Class 12 Maths

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Class 12 Maths question paper will have two Case Study Questions. These questions will carry 5 MCQs and students will attempt any four of them. The case study questions in class 12 Mathematics bears 8 marks. As all of these are only MCQs, it is easy to score good marks with a little practice.

Case Study Questions

Case Study Questions in Maths

Let’s have a look over the class 12 Mathematics sample question paper issued by CBSE, New Delhi. Question numbers 17 and 18 are case study questions. If you go through each MCQ there, you will find that the theme/case-study is common but the questions are based on different concepts related to the theme. It means, if you have done ample practice on the various concepts, you can solve all these MCQs in minutes.

The difficulty level of the questions is average or say easy in some cases. On the other hand, you get four options to choose from. So, you get two levels of support to get full marks with very little effort.

But Don’t Forget to Practice

Most of the time we feel that it’s easy and neglect it. But at the end, we have to pay for this negligence. This may happen here too. Although it’s easy to score good marks in the case study questions but if you don’t practice such questions, you may lose your marks. So, we suggest students should practice at least 30-40 such questions before writing the board exam.

12 Maths Case-Based Questions

You can download the myCBSEguide App and get case study questions with sample papers.

Case Study Questions

Here are some examples:

Two schools P and Q want to award their selected students on the values of Tolerance, Kindness, and Leadership. The school P wants to award Rs x each, Rs y each and Rs z each for the three respective values to 3, 2 and 1 students respectively with total award money of Rs. 2200.
School Q wants to spend Rs 3100 to award its 4, 1 and 3 students on the respective values (by giving the same award money to the three values as school P). If the total amount of award for one prize on each value is Rs1200, using matrices, find the following:

    1. What is award money for Tolerance?
      1. 350
      2. 300
      3. 500
      4. 400
    2. What is the award money for Leadership?
      1. 300
      2. 280
      3. 450
      4. 500
    3. What is the award money for Kindness?
      1. 500
      2. 400
      3. 300
      4. 550
    4. If a matrix A is both symmetric and skew-symmetric, then
      1. A is a diagonal matrix
      2. A is a scalar matrix
      3. A is a zero matrix
      4. A is a square matrix
    5. If A and B are two matrices such that AB = B and BA = A, then B2 is equal to
      1. B
      2. A
      3. 1
      4. 0
  1. A man has an expensive square shape piece of golden board of size 24 cm is to be made into a box without top by cutting from each corner and folding the flaps to form a box.
    An open box is to be made from a square piece of material, 24 cm on a side,  by cutting equal squares -

    1. Volume of open box formed by folding up the flap:
      1. 4(x– 24x2 + 144x)
      2. 4(x3– 34x2 + 244x)
      3. x– 24x2 + 144x
      4. 4x– 24x2 + 144x
    2. In the first derivative test, if dy/dx changes its sign from positive to negative as x increases through c1, then function attains a:
      1. Local maxima at x = c1
      2. Local minima at x = c1
      3. Neither maxima nor minima at x = c1
      4. None of these
    3. What should be the side of the square piece to be cut from each corner of the board to behold the maximum volume?
      1. 14 cm
      2. 12 cm
      3. 4 cm
      4. 5 cm
    4. What should be the maximum volume of open box?
      1. 1034 cm3
      2. 1024 cm3
      3. 1204 cm3
      4. 4021 cm3
    5. The smallest value of the polynomial x3 – 18x2 + 96x in [0, 9] is:
      1. 126
      2. 0
      3. 135
      4. 160

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