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Discuss the major reasons for land degradation
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Divyansh Kumar 1 month, 1 week ago

Certainly! Here are the major five reasons for land degradation: 1. **Deforestation**: The removal of trees leads to a loss of soil structure and nutrients, increasing vulnerability to erosion. 2. **Overgrazing**: Livestock, when too densely populated, can strip vegetation cover, leading to soil exposure and erosion. 3. **Unsustainable Farming Practices**: Practices like monoculture planting, not using crop rotation, and excessive plowing can deplete soil nutrients and lead to degradation. 4. **Industrial & Urban Expansion**: The conversion of land for industrial use or urban development often leads to soil compaction, contamination, and loss of fertile land. 5. **Irrigation Mismanagement**: Over-irrigation can lead to waterlogging and salinization, while under-irrigation can cause soil dryness and desertification. These factors contribute significantly to the degradation of land, affecting its productivity and ecosystem health. Sustainable land management practices are essential to mitigate these effects.

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