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What were the lencho's was feeling when he found the letter with money in it
  • 3 answers

Uma Diwedi 2 months ago

He was angry on seeing the money because there was only 70 pesos and he thought that god could not make any mistake post office employees are bunch of crooks he thought they stole his 30 pesos

Sapna Shah 2 months ago

When Lencho found money, instead of feeling happy he became angry as he found only 70 pesos. He had deep faith in God so he again wrote a letter stating that he(God) shouldn't transfer the money through mail next time and also said that all the employees in the mailbox office are bunch of crooks

Anubhav Kakoti 2 months ago

Lencho was feeling angry and betrayed when he found only 70 pesos in the letter. He has deep faith in God, he asked that the money shouldn't be transferred to him through mail andsaid that the employers are a bunch of crooks.

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