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The product of two consecutive positive integers is divisible by 2. Is this statement true or false? Give reasons
  • 3 answers
Yes, it is true as you can check it by taking 1&2 or 3&4 or any other pair 1x2=2. ( divisible by 2) 3x4=12(it is also divisible by 2).. Hence the statement is true. Clear💫💫💫..

Bhakti Mehta 2 months ago

It is true. Because in any two consecutive positive integers, one will always by divisible by two.For example, 17 and 18 are consecutive numbers;here 18 is divisible by 2 and 17 × 18 equals 306 which is divisible by 2.

Sai Pansare 2 months ago

No, As in the two consecutive no. One of them is going to be even and the other would odd so the sum a odd no. and a even no. is always odd which is not divisible by 2

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