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Q-28: Enter the following transactions in …



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Q-28: Enter the following transactions in a Two Column Cash Book: Nov. 1 Cash in hand Rs. 6,100, and at Bank overdraft Rs. 400. 4 Sold goods to Monika on credit Rs. 1,000. 9 Cheque received from Monika for amount due on her 14 Purchased goods on credit from Anil worth Rs. 1,500. 14 Withdrawn cash for office use Rs. 800. 17 Monika's Cheque endorsed to Anil and balance is paid in cash. 19 Cheque received from Sonia of Rs. 600. 20 Sonia's cheque deposited into Bank. 21 Sonia's cheque returned dishonored. 25 Cash received from Sonia for amount of dishonored cheque. 30 Bank received dividend Rs. 1,500. 30 Bank Charges Rs.25.
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Santosh Kumawat 3 months, 2 weeks ago

which book question it is?

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