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What is the difference between internal relection and total internal relection?
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Bliss Kedia 1 year, 2 months ago

Total Internal Reflection 1. Total Internal Reflection (TIR) happens when light travels from a denser medium to a lighter medium. 2. TIR arises only when some conditions are met. 3. All the light is reflected in total internal reflection. 4. In total internal reflection, the light intensity is higher, and the objects shine brighter than in ordinary reflection. 5. It happens only when particular conditions are met 6. Happens only in light rays 7. Example : Due to total internal reflection, diamonds sparkle. Internal Reflection 1. it is nothing but the phenomenon of light reflected inside a particular object which may be transparent or reflection 2. Happens in any conditions like whatever reflection medium ISS there irrespective if it is regular or irregular 3. Happens in all types of rays like UVs, Sound rays and many more 4. Example : Rainbow formation

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