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General 50 laser 50 cash book 50 financial statement
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On 1" January 2021 Mr. Arnav Banerjee decided to start a driving school and also to sell accessories through same place. For this purpose he bought a workshop at a cost of Rs. 20,00,000 and decided to invest Rs. 7,50,000 as a further capital in the proposed business He employed assistants and training staff for this purpose. He wants to start with 5 secondhand cars. For further funds he approached State Bank Of India and secured a loan of Rs18,00,000 @ 10% per annum. The loan was payable in 4 equal instalments along with interest due. Following transactions took place. Particulars Amount (Rs.) 13,00,000 Purchased Cars Security deposited for electricity connection with electricity boa 2,10,000 Purchased Furniture 1,20,000 19,50,000 Fees received from students Bought Car accessories 3,30,000 Sale of Car accessories 4,80,000 Wages paid 2,70,000 3,75,000 Salaries paid Electricity charges 1,42,500 Advertisement Postage and courier 66,000 28,500 General expenses 18,000 Insurance Premium 13,800 Bought Laptop and Printer 90,000 He withdrew Rs. 36,000 per month as drawings and repaid the annual installment of Bank loan with interest due on 31 December 2021. Assume that all the transactions took place through State Bank Of India. You are Required to: (1) Journalise these transactions after considering the following information: (1) Depreciate building by 5% and cars and furniture @10% per annum. (ii) Stationery unpaid Rs. 27,000 (iii) Advertisement include unissued material worth Rs. 12,000 (iv) Insurance prepaid Rs. 4,500 Stock of car accessories Rs. 58,500 (2) Post them into Ledger and Prepare the Trial Balance. (v) (3) Prepare the Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2021.(i.e) Trading Profit and Loss account and Balance Sheet. (4) Represent the items of the Balance Sheet in the form of Bar Diagram.
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Comprehensive project of class 11
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