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Sole proprietorship firm with journal,ledger,trial balance,final …



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Sole proprietorship firm with journal,ledger,trial balance,final account,pie chart/bar diagram
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Preeti Dabral 2 months, 1 week ago

A sole proprietorship is a form of business organisation which is owned, managed and controlled by one person who is the recipient of all profits and bearer of all risks.
The salient features of the sole proprietorship form of organization are as under:

  1. Single Ownership - A sole trading concern is owned by one individual. It is run entirely at his risk of loss. The sole trader provides both capital and management to the business.
  2. Personal Organization or Common Identity - A sole proprietorship concern has no separate legal entity independent of the owner. The owner and the business concern are one and the same. The owner owns everything the business owns and he owes everything the business owns.
  3. Capital - In a sole proprietorship, the capital is employed by the owner himself from his personal resources. He may also borrow money from his friends and relatives if he cannot depend solely on his personal resources.
  4. Unlimited Liability - The liability of the proprietor for the debts of the business is unlimited. The creditors have the right to recover their dues even from the personal property of the proprietor in case the business assets are not sufficient to pay their debts.
  5. One Man Control - Sole proprietorship is a one-man show. He takes all the decisions, procures material resources, employs persons and directs and controls the affairs of the enterprise. He is not required to consult anyone else in taking any decision.
  6. Profits and Losses - The surplus arising in the business of the sole trader entirely belongs to him and similarly, all the business losses and risks are to be borne by him alone.
  7. No Special Legislation - Sole proprietorship is not governed by any special legislation.

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