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OR Wazir Ahmed joins 'Ashiyana Ltd.' …



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OR Wazir Ahmed joins 'Ashiyana Ltd.' a company dealing in real estate, as a human resource manager. Through a series of interactions with his team during lunch breaks, he comes to know that quite a few managers at middle and senior levels have recently left the organisation as their promotions were overdue. Therefore, in order to reinstate the confidence of the staff, he lays out a clear cut plan consisting of a set of general guidelines for both time bound and performance related appraisals of the mangers at all levels. Moreover, he develops standardized processes containing a series of steps specified in a chronological order for its implementation. In context of the above case: a. Identify the two different types of plans that Wazir Ahmed proposes to implement in order to reinstate the confidence of the staff by quoting lines from the paragraph. b. Distinguish between the two types of plans as identified in part (a). 26. There are two managers, Rahul and Pawan. Rahul is saying that 'Controlling is forward looking whereas according to
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Kashish Bhati 1 year, 6 months ago

Policy and programme are two different types of plan

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