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Making of scientists



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Making of scientists
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Preeti Dabral 1 month, 2 weeks ago

The making of scientific is beautiful story . The two characters of story ist ebright and second ebright mother two important character of story .the other friends and one sstudy teacher help for Richard . Richard in third class the father is dead and is only the mother in life The Richard life is very curious nature and intelligent mind .the mother always encouraged for her . The mother give the dining table for Richard work not the physical work but learning word . The mother give the book the travel of monarch x the butterfly to migrated from central America he open ka science world for her . He collected the butterfly and tagged free our hand . The Richard thousand of butterflies grow up the basement . The many butterfly tagged and free it . He is not interested later for few days because cannot the give answer for her . The seven years old Richard go for science fair in our country . He is upset because he realised the real science in the world .the Richard works the experiment again and again the ist experiment is viceroy butterfly cannot taste good why the birds eat the monarch butterfly on the other hand eat the viceroy butterfly .the viceroy butterfly is not good and monarch butterfly taste is good the monarch butterfly copy the viceroy butterfly .it is similar both of us . And second experiment why the twelve tiny spots of butterflies wings .the twelve tiny spots is very important gene for butterfly .he research for the wings . He join the college and the summer vocation me second year joined the army laboratory and try the experiment . Richard and the friends help it the experiment .Richard is not good scientific on the other hand he is good debater in public and it is very friendly nature .he is expert the photographer and play the football .on the other way he study three and four hour learn the debater book at night .the Mr weiherer sstudy teacher for Richard college .he help for debating and other things .the weiherer say the Richard is very good scientist .the good quality make of the scientist the ist think the curiosity and rate of mind .

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