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Describe ` the fight ' between the man and the machine .Find the relevant sentences in the text and write them.
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Sia ? 4 months, 2 weeks ago

The bicycle was in good condition, but the author's friend unnecessarily disturbed it. He first took out front-wheel and then the gear-case, his next victim was the chain. He really had a tough time in fixing these parts back into their place.
Then he lost his temper and tried bullying the thing. The bicycle, I was glad to see, showed spirit and the subsequent proceedings degenerated into little else than a rough and tumble fight between them and the machine. One moment the bicycle would be on the gravel path and him on top of it; the next the position would be reversed - he on the gravel path, the bicycle on him.
Now he would be standing flushed with victory, the bicycle firmly fixed between his legs. But his triumph would be short-lived. By a sudden, quick movement it would free itself and turn upon him, hit him sharply over the head with one of its handles.

Rithik Kumar 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Ctrl+w sa Kya hota hai

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